Lawyer’s new venture to meet gap in family law

Lawyer’s new venture to meet gap in family law

04 October 2017 By Emma Ryan
Meet gap, family law,

An experienced solicitor and accredited family law specialist and mediator has undertaken an innovative venture set to provide advice and guidance that “cuts through the mystique of the family law system”.

Mike Emerson has unveiled his new venture Advice Only Family Law, which he said enables him to give people tips and guidance to negotiate the family law system.

“Having practised continuously as a lawyer since 1975 and as an accredited family law specialist and mediator since 1995, I am in a unique position to advise on family law issues,” he said.

“I spend most of my time these days mediating as co-principal of Brisbane Mediations, but also enjoy providing specialist legal advice to separating parties.


“In keeping with the requests of people coming out of relationships who have continued to seek me out, I recently established Advice Only Family Law (AOFL). My aim at AOFL is to provide advice and guidance that cuts through the mystique of the family law system.”

Mr Emerson noted that another aim is to offer safe guidance towards resolving parenting and property issues.

“Consultations involve advice only, to give parties the knowledge and resources to move forward with confidence. I am happy to give second opinions,” he added.

“At Advice Only Family Law consultations are limited, with no ongoing clients or files. The aim is to help separating parties gain an understanding of family law processes and options and to point them in the best direction for them — to get them started on sorting out their parenting and property issues.”

In addition, Mr Emerson said AOFL gives clients the benefit of his experience with “the assurance that I have no desire or incentive to continue to act as their solicitor”.


“Accordingly, an AOFL consultation includes referrals to the most appropriate professionals for each client’s situation. For example, lawyers to act on an ongoing basis; counsellors to assist with adjustments or parenting issues; accountants to value property; mediators to help resolve issues; and psychologists or social workers to assess and report on family dynamics,” he explained.

“Referrals are based on a number of criteria, the most salient in my view being competence and settlement focus.”

Lawyer’s new venture to meet gap in family law
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