SME firm renews scholarship program at WSU

04 April 2022 By Lauren Croft
Western Sydney University

Brydens Lawyers has renewed its scholarship program at Western Sydney University, in a move the firm said is part of its commitment to supporting the next generation of lawyers.

To date, Brydens Lawyers has supported five students through to graduation at Western Sydney University, including students based in Liverpool, where the firm originated.

A further five scholarships have been announced, through a pledge of $187,500 – adding to the more than $400,000 the firm has contributed to student scholarships and health and medical research at the university.

Dean of the school of law Professor Anna Cody thanked Brydens Lawyers for their ongoing support of the university.


“Western Sydney University is delighted to continue its partnership with Brydens Lawyers – one of the largest and leading law firms in New South Wales with a long association with the region,” she said.

“The scholarships program has provided invaluable support and mentorship to many students, including those experiencing hardship, and on behalf of the university, I thank Brydens Lawyers for their generosity and continued support.”

Principal of Brydens Lawyers Lee Hagipantelis said it was an honour and pleasure to support a further five scholarships through the school of law at Western Sydney University.

“We have been able to see, firsthand, the importance of such scholarships having met the recipients and been privileged to watch their progress through their studies leading to graduation and subsequent employment as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales,” he said.

“Sponsorship of these scholarships has brought enormous professional and personal satisfaction to all of us at Brydens Lawyers. It is an opportunity for us to give back to our local community and to recognise and benefit those students who may otherwise have been challenged in committing to a five-year law degree.”

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Janet Dunlop, a solicitor at the NSW Department of Communities and Justice, was one of the students who benefited from the scholarships program – and she said receiving this kind of support opened up many opportunities.

“I was working full time for many years while studying so the scholarship enabled me to take a short break from working and really focus on my studies. I was able to complete an internship with a Local Court magistrate in regional NSW, where I would travel once a week for a semester and return to Sydney for my classes,” she said.

“Through the scholarship, I was able to network with other like-minded peers and Mr Lee Hagipantelis, the principal of Brydens Lawyers, who gave me an insight into his background and legal journey. Overall, the scholarship opened the door to further opportunities and assisted with fast-tracking my degree.”

SME firm renews scholarship program at WSU
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