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Blumers: ‘Here for 22 years, here for 22 more’

Medical negligence and personal injury firm Blumers Lawyers has been serving the community for more than two decades, and is only just getting started.

user iconJerome Doraisamy 28 June 2022 SME Law
Blumers: ‘Here for 22 years, here for 22 more’
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This year marks 22 years in Canberra for Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers, run by Mark and Noor Blumer, who have been operating in the nation’s capital since 2000.

Between them, the two directors of the firm – who met in Perth before moving to Griffith in country NSW and then to the ACT – have close to 64 years of law practice between them.

They describe their practice as a “multi-local firm”, with offices in Canberra, Hobart and Perth staffed by local professionals who understand the local law, the customs, and the people.


When it comes to the provision of quality litigation, trustworthiness, and outstanding reputation, the pair proclaimed: “We do what we say, and we say what we do.

“At Blumers, you go through the process with the best people on your side. That’s why we’ve been here 22 years, and why we’ll be here for another 22 years.”

Understanding the needs of clients

Many personal injury cases take years to resolve, adding to the discomfort and anxiety of an already difficult situation, the firm said in a statement. However, about 95 per cent of Blumers’ personal injury cases settled before going to court, “which is a testament to the trust and confidence of their clients and the Canberra legal community has in them”, it submitted.

“No one wants to need to be injured and needs to have a lawyer – it’s a grudge purchase. At Blumers, you will go through the process with the best people on your side,” Ms Blumer said.

Blumers covers all disbursements, removing the financial burden of making a claim from everyday people.

“Often during a personal injury claim, you need to obtain medical reports, saying how you’ve been injured. Court filing fees, hospital notes, and so on can add up to a few thousand dollars,” Mr Blumer noted.

“A lot of people can’t afford that, particularly if they’ve just suffered serious injuries and they can’t work anymore.  

“It can fracture families, affect lives. We make sure they don’t have that burden on top of what they’re already going through. Because we fund them, people of all financial backgrounds can bring a case.”

The firm offers expert support, including, but not limited to, medical experts, engineers, ergonomic experts, bullying experts and psychologists and psychiatrists.

“It’s a highly specialised business that we’re in,” explained Ms Blumer.

“It’s very important not only to have a relationship with good experts, but to be able to brief them in a way that gets the best result for our clients.”

Honesty, the pair continued, is a bedrock on which local client service delivery is built.

“At Blumers, we encourage our clients to get better. We encourage them to try and return to work, to maintain their fitness, and their relationships, because that’s more important than any financial outcome,” Ms Blumer said.

“If you fall into a cycle of feeling that you have to exhibit illness and injury at all times, you will end up unhappy. We support our clients to maintain as much of their life as they can while keeping their place in society, when the case is finished, they are in as good a place as they can be.

“This litigation is just a part of their life that we will look after, it is not their life.

“We’ll look after this, so you can get on with the rest.”

Being community-focused

Part of staying connected to the community, Ms Blumer added, involves partaking in activities to support those less fortunate.

This year, she is heading the all-women’s Blumers team for Vinnies CEO Sleepout, following the firm’s stellar fundraising efforts for the annual event in recent years.

“We’re going again! We’ve got two of our directors, myself and Amy Burr, and our CFO Linda Bennett. The three of us are gearing up for the night of 23 June,” she said.

“Also, to do it I had to buy a very expensive sleeping bag. After the first Sleepout, I did go on ABC radio and swear that if I didn’t do it again, I would give my beautiful new sleeping bag to a homeless person.

“So far, the cost of the sleeping bag is a better investment than giving it away,” Ms Blumer mused. “It’s returning its money very, very well.”

Ms Blumer has inspired many in the community to donate, in and outside the office, the firm noted, including their car dealer.

“He goes through the list and sees who’s bought cars off him and then he donates. Which I think is fantastic,” she mused.

The Blumers team has raised at least $20,300 so far.

“But we’d like to do a bit better than that,” Ms Blumer posited.