UK cave-house sells for small fortune

03 March 2012 By Lawyers Weekly

UK cave-house sells for small fortuneAustralian lawyers considering a move to the UK will be disappointed with the news that a lucrative cave in Worcestershire has just been taken off the…

UK cave-house sells for small fortune

Australian lawyers considering a move to the UK will be disappointed with the news that a lucrative cave in Worcestershire has just been taken off the market.


Perfect for a family or a well-heeled bachelor, and boasting three adjoining caves, a sitting room, bedroom, impressive lockable front door and see-through windows, the cave pulled in a whopping £100,000 ($234,939) from a local buyer, about four times estimated sale figures, the BBC reported.

Dubbed “Rock Cottage” and found in sunny Wolverley, the cave was last used as a residence in the late 1940s, possibly by a troll or another of the mystical creatures known to live in the area.

Regardless of its lack of running water or electricity, the real estate agency in charge of the sale reportedly received more than 50 viewing requests, some from people living in Spain, the BBC said.

“We are very pleased,” auctioneer Roger Sadler said. “You don’t sell caves very often but it was a unique property that attracted an unbelievable amount of interest.”

Aussies lawyers destined for the UK are encouraged to keep an eye out for similar caves which may be advertised following this very lucrative sale. In fact, Folklaw has heard unconfirmed reports that an attractive south-facing ditch in St Albans may be going to under the hammer in early August.

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Poor tennis champs steal Wimbledon towels

A crime spree has been taking Wimbledon by storm, with news coming out of the UK that players have stolen “thousands of pounds” worth of official tournament towels.

According to the UK Telegraph, world number one Roger Federer has confessed to regularly stealing the towels, which mere mortals must purchase for £24 ($56) in the tournament shop. The All England Lawn Tennis Club, which provides the towels each year, estimated that 2,500 go missing annually at a cost of £60,000 ($141,223), the paper said.

Federer seemed to mock reporters when he admitted to taking a “few” towels: “I have a big collection stacked up back home — they make a good gift,” he said. “We only get them on court and not in the locker room. If they gave them away in the locker room too there would be none left very quickly.”

The paper went on to say that fellow world-beaters Bob and Mike Bryan — champion doubles players — “steal as many towels as they can”.

Bob Bryan, reportedly wrote on his blog that: “my tennis bag is stuffed. I brought home five big bottles of water and four official Wimbledon towels”.

“For every match there are two new towels on your chair. When the match finishes, the ball boys try to snatch them from you, but if you shove them deep in your bag and run, they’re yours.”

Lawyer wants world to know he’s PISSD

A US lawyer is PISSD and wants you to know about it.

Texan attorney Bob Kraft has set up his own blog, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability (PISSD;, dedicated to shedding light on “the ways injured and disabled people are mistreated by governments and insurance companies”.

As Kraft says on his blog, “my goal is to provide resources for those who want to help injured and disabled persons. I’ll also use this blog as a repository for snippets of information on technology, marketing, humour, and other subjects of interest to me (and possibly to me only). Please share your thoughts.”

Not only can the reader find out about common disabilities and avenues of legal assistance, but Kraft also posts helpful tips on how to best avoid accidents in daily life.

This month’s insight was all about the merits of driving in the rain, they city of Dallas having received an unusual level of precipitation recently.

“On every one of those rainy days, I’ve been amazed at the number of people who drive in the rain with their headlights turned off. This is extremely dangerous,” Kraft advised.

“Every time you turn on your windshield wipers, you should also turn on your headlights. Remember that headlights are not there just so you can see, but also so others can see you.

“I really wish auto makers would wire cars so that this happened automatically.”

Quote of the week

“I’m charged with the duty of growing the business worldwide and the plan is to have lawyers from Hollywood to Bollywood.”

Spoken by LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & McRae’s new entertainment lawyer L Londell McMillan, reports UK mag The Lawyer. McMillan has Michael Jackson and Prince as clients.

UK cave-house sells for small fortune
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