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03 March 2012 By Lawyers Weekly

A law firm at the cutting edgeFor firms wanting to do something different with their website, Folklaw would recommend a visit to the site of Latvian law firm Liepa Skopina Borenius, at www

A law firm at the cutting edge

For firms wanting to do something different with their website, Folklaw would recommend a visit to the site of Latvian law firm Liepa Skopina Borenius, at The firm draws beautiful analogies between the delivery of legal services and the science of aviation, marvelling at the fact that, like good legal solutions, although humans had dreamt of flying since time immemorial, a lot of time had to pass before they invented the technology “not only to lift them up in the sky but [that] could make them stay there for a while”.

The site goes on to explain that if needed, the firm’s metaphorical hangars can provide “the most dexterous supersonic battle planes” which will reach their goals fast and efficiently. For peaceful solutions, the firm offers “luxury aeroplanes of a President’s class” for negotiations. “In our arsenal there are also fire helicopters of rescue service and small private aircrafts for confidential talks,” the site continues, assuring potential clients that the firm’s personnel is trained to deal with the most extreme situations — during a storm and “when there is to be made a compulsory landing and when evil-doers have a desire to seize the aeroplane”.


It seems the staff are in fact quite extraordinary. In the profile of an assistant sworn advocate at the firm, the site states “it’s hard to imagine that this entirely feminine being is a clever and capable lawyer that has penetrated deep into the academic field”. If only some of the Australian law firms had sites that were half as imaginative!

Your time is our time

Folklaw isn’t sure of Gadens Lawyers’ official (or unofficial) policy on work/life balance, but the fact that the firm’s representatives at the fast-approaching Sydney Grad Fair will be wearing “Property of Gadens” t-shirts, as reported in last week’s Lawyers Weekly, could be an indicator. Or maybe they are just having a dig at Allens Arthur Robinsons Tom Poulton’s recent comments about how much their lawyers are expected to work, treating clients like God, to boot. Gadens will also be handing out party poppers at the Grad Fair, so it can’t be all bad. Such garments would probably make an ideal ‘welcome aboard’ gift for graduate recruits at any firm.

Wake up and blow in the bag

Authorities in Alabama take drink driving very seriously — to the extent that they can and will arrest you if they think you might, potentially, possibly, could, drive while under the influence. The Decatur Daily in the Tennessee Valley reported on 12 April that authorities in Morgan, Lawrence and Limestone counties have arrested people for drink driving, even though they weren’t driving at all. It seems that even if you are asleep in your car, with the keys in your pocket, you can have the book thrown at you.

Lawyers Weekly Discover

The state’s DUI law includes a clause that allows law enforcement officers to arrest individuals if they are intoxicated and have a vehicle and its keys in their possession, Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett told the newspaper. He said the arrests prevent drunk drivers from endangering innocent lives if they later decide to drive their vehicle while still under the influence.

Are you beautiful?

That’s the main criteria of a new introduction website in the UK, You have to submit a photo with your membership application and all the existing members vote on whether they think you are up to scratch. Apparently only one in 15 applicants are accepted, which is still quite a few when you consider that 500 people are applying daily. The site serves the group of people who are fed up with wasting “time and money meeting unattractive people on the Net”. Surely the organisers are just opening themselves up to a landslide of emotional damages cases.

Spare a thought for the hippos

Europe’s oldest hippo, 53-year-old Bullette, has been put on the pill after zookeepers saw her mating with her long-term partner recently. Vets have warned that after bearing 20 calves already, the esteemed lady is too old to give birth again. They have prescribed a specially prepared contraceptive pill the size of a bread roll every Friday for the three tonne beauty. It’s a wonder Bullette had any interest in mating at all, what with 20 children to worry about and a busy career as a major star at the Berlin Zoo.

Commendable fairness

A learner driver has passed his driving test in Germany, despite the slight setback of a collision … with a truck. The fair-minded instructor accepted that the accident was not 21-year-old Erwin Burkhart’s fault. The pair was travelling on the A2 motorway at Egerkingen when the lorry pulled into the slow lane without seeing Burkhart’s vehicle. The car was dented on all panels on one side, and Burkhart, who managed to finish the test without a single error, and walked away from the accident with a great story

Defence of the week

Twenty-one year old Andrew Chan of Enfield, Sydney, when arrested in Indonesia for allegedly attempting to smuggle vast amounts of heroin into Australia: “Whatever happened to Schapelle Corby happened to me”.

Folklaw 29 April
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