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Gone is the cane, bring in the hookFive-year-old Imhotep Lubin was found swinging from his belt on a hook inside a closet in his classroom. He was put there by his teacher. This is the $5…

Gone is the cane, bring in the hook

Five-year-old Imhotep Lubin was found swinging from his belt on a hook inside a closet in his classroom. He was put there by his teacher. This is the $5 million case that will have little kids shaking in their boots, and teachers watching themselves very, very carefully.

New York teacher Jason Schoenberger, 24, was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of the child. In fact, it would seem the most damage has been done to the psyche of the child, who now refuses to go to school. As a result, his parents are due to file a $5 million lawsuit in Brooklyn against the Board of Education on behalf of their son.


The boy’s father had been told by school officials that the teacher had placed his son in the closet, where he hung for about five minutes. When another teacher — actually the boy’s teacher — came into the classroom and asked where Imhotep was, Schoenberger pointed to the cupboard.

The father said he believed his son had been singled out because of his good behaviour.

Jack Ass v Jackass

US media giant Viacom has been sued by a man claiming the MTV show Jackass plagiarised his name, infringed on the trademark and copyright of his name and defamed his good character.

Jack Ass changed his name from Bob Craft in 1997 in order to raise awareness about the dangers of drink driving, he says. He works to promote responsible choices and designated-driver programs.

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The show Jackass features a group of guys who perform incredible, usually disgusting and sometimes dangerous acts, just for their own amusement. It’s a show featuring grown up (though still incredibly immature) dares.

Jack Ass claims the media conglomerate “is liable for injury to my reputation that I have built and defamation of my character which I have worked so hard to create”.

Jack Ass is seeking at least $10 million in damages.

Bike fetish killed the man

When an Aussie man died trying to steal a bicycle last week, it appeared to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Police later went into the 60-year-old man’s home in Melbourne and found 1,000 other bicycles. It was understood the man did have a habit of buying bikes as well, so it was unclear just how many he had stolen over the years.

Police superintendent Steve Barber said police were working around the clock to try to clear the house of all the bikes. It had so far taken them four hours and two trucks only to clear 100 bicycles from the scene.

Folklaw 16 April 2004
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