Press Release of the Week

Press Release of the Week

03 March 2012 By Lawyers Weekly

Press Release of the Week (PROW) fans will be delighted to learn that the third instalment of the PROW series has arrived — the section we promised would bring readership and editorial…

Press Release of the Week (PROW) fans will be delighted to learn that the third instalment of the PROW series has arrived — the section we promised would bring readership and editorial staff together is back with a vengeance.


Paranoid schizophrenics will be interested in this edition of PROW as it asks “Is someone watching you?”, and forms a free guide on how to find hidden cameras spying on you.

Is Orwell’s Big Brother gradually coming into being, or is our obsession with privacy just getting to us? You decide. Here at Folklaw we like to offer the facts and figures … and people’s mad comments, for your perusal. You can then evaluate it yourselves. Best of luck with not becoming paranoid!


“Your most private moments are more likely to be secretly caught on film than ever before. Tiny, inexpensive hidden cameras have become an epidemic ... Until now there has been little information available on what to do to protect yourself from this invasion of privacy.”

The PROW then goes on to say it offers a solution to your problems in a booklet. But it doesn’t leave you there and continues to nurture your paranoia a while longer yet.

“Stephanie Fuller’s most private moments were secretly videotaped. She discovered that her landlord had installed a hidden camera on the ceiling above her bed. He was watching her every move over a three-month period before the camera was found hidden in a smoke detector. Since at the time there was no law against video voyeurism in New York State, the landlord was charged with trespassing. Because of cases like this a new law has been passed in the State of New York that makes video voyeurism or the use of secret peeping cameras to invade people’s privacy illegal.

”Hidden peeping cameras are used by landlords, ex-boyfriends, neighbours and total strangers. They have been discovered in public and private bathrooms, tanning salons, locker rooms, changing booths in clothing stores, hotel and motel rooms, and even private bedrooms. Often these pictures end up on the internet, as a group of college wrestlers were surprised to find. Male wrestlers from Midwest colleges won a $506 million settlement in December from porn sites for posting pictures of them showering and changing in college locker rooms.

”Hidden cameras are designed to be difficult to detect. Some have camera components about the size of a walnut, where the lens is just a tiny freckle-sized hole. These peeping cameras are virtually impossible to find without a hidden camera detector. Many companies sell cameras hidden in everything from teddy bears to motion detectors and gym bags.”

Peek a boo…

Press Release of the Week
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