Holiday legal trivia extravaganza

03 March 2012 By Lawyers Weekly

1. Name former lawyer Hillary Rodham Clinton’s memoirs?2. Who was the first chief justice of the High Court of Australia?3. Name the lawyer played by Simon Baker in The Guardian?4. Which author…

1. Name former lawyer Hillary Rodham Clinton’s memoirs?

2. Who was the first chief justice of the High Court of Australia?

3. Name the lawyer played by Simon Baker in The Guardian?


4. Which author created Rumpole of the Bailey?

5. Which TV show about a legal practice offers the following advice on its website — “Don’t wear bloodstained clothing to court, especially if you have been accused of murder!”?

6. Which Danish band did Mattel sue after they released their first single, which made reference to Barbie’s sex life?

7. Recently, the American Film Institute voted which lawyer played by Gregory peck as the number one hero in American films?

8. In which film did Tom Cruise play lawyer Lt Dan Kaffee?

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9. What was well-known legal writer John Grisham’s first novel?

10. OJ Simpson was asked to try on which item of clothing by the prosecution during his criminal trial — a move that backfired when they did not fit?

11. Which prime minister was the first PhD student at the ANU Faculty of Law?

12. What is the name of Dick Smith’s biscuit that resulted in a dispute with Arnott’s over the similarities with its Tim Tams?

13. Who played Tom Cruise’s wife in The Firm?

14. Which of the following former Australian prime ministers did not have a law degree?

(a) Malcolm Fraser

(b) Gough Whitlam

(c) Billy McMahon

15. Former Attorney-General Daryl Williams represents which federal electorate?

16. In which film does Harrison Ford play a lawyer who survives a shooting only to find he cannot remember anything?

17. Which former lawyer hosts Channel Seven’s Deal or No Deal?

18. Well-known human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson is married to which Australian writer?

19. Cherie Blair is a QC but she became mixed up with which Australian conman?

20. In a case of life imitating art, what was the name of the stage play written by Lord Jeffrey Archer in which he played a prominent man defending himself in a court case?

21. Who released in 1966 an album called I Fought the Law?

22. Which song has the following lyrics?

“All around my home town they’re trying to track me down. They say they want to bring me in guilty . . .”

23. What is the name of the character played by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde?

24. In LA Law which partner died at his desk in the very first episode?

25. David E Kelly, creator of The Practice, is married to which actress?

26. What was the name of the lounge singer in Ally McBeal?

27. Lawyer Chris Fydler won a gold medal in which swimming event at the Sydney 2000 Olympics?

28. Other than ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’, what is Horace Rumpole’s wife’s first name?

29. In which show did John Wood play a magistrate?

30. The film ‘The Hurricane’ is about which boxer who was convicted for a crime he did not commit?

31. Deborah Winger, Robert Redford and Daryl Hannah starred in which film about a district attorney?

32. In which film did Jim Carrey play a lawyer who could only tell the truth?

33. What is Judge Judy’s last name?

34. Which Australian Private Investigator was involved in a legal dispute with international fashion house Versace?

35. Lawyer Sir Ninian Stephen was sworn in as Governor General in which year?

Holiday legal trivia extravaganza
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