What does a chatty Schnauzer and improperly obtained evidence have in common?

Our legal professionals can learn how to deal with both of them in The College of Law’s Digital Subscription. Whether you’re looking to upskill in strata governance, have burning questions about criminal proceedings, want to understand the legal insights into coercive control, or even just need some helpful tactics to deal with difficult clients, you’re in luck with our just-released course topics.

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1. Nosy neighbours and chatty Schnauzers: Best practice strata governance

A strata scheme and strata committee can produce some complicated interpersonal dynamics and politics can play a big role in the formation, continuation, and resolution of disputes. As a rapidly expanding and evolving area of law, it’s important that lawyers stay on top of developments in the governance of strata schemes.

2. Objection! Excluding illegally or improperly obtained evidence in criminal proceedings

Criminal defence lawyers Helen Christinson and Damien Mahon discuss the use and abuse of evidence in criminal proceedings, touching on the famous Blackstone evidence maxim and section 138 of the Evidence Act.

3. Tracking, surveillance, financial control: Understanding coercive control in intimate relationships

Founder and principal of Justice Family Lawyers and expert family law practitioner, Hayder Shkara, joins David Turner, co-founder and head of operations at Lext Australia, to explore family violence and coercive control.

4. Migration nation: The immigration advice landscape and the future of migration practice

Marsha Bassily joins David Turner to cover the shape of things to come in the migration arena, with a look back at the removal of the dual registration requirement and the Novak Djokovic deportation.

5. Law practice trust accounts – fundamentals and pitfalls

Basic bookkeeping is important for every lawyer. Whether as principals or employees, this knowledge assists in the effective and proper conduct of matters, including the preparation of bills of costs and trust account statements.

6. Stress management and managing difficult clients

Safety, trustworthiness, collaboration, empowerment, and a basic knowledge of the impact of stress on the brain and body. Having a firm understanding of dealing with an alarmed brain will help you manage distressing and challenging conversations.

7. Working on the go? Ethical challenges and dilemmas

Working on the go or away from your desk? Surely there are some ethical risks and challenges as a legal practitioner. Cathryn Urquhart, facilitator of the Legal Practice Management Course in Western Australia will dive into the ethical challenges and dilemmas in this course.

8. Lawyer wellbeing – an investment

A career in the legal industry is competitive and lucrative, but depression, anxiety, and burnout are common among legal professionals. Leading firms can also be difficult places to work – late nights, early mornings, high-pressure projects, and an abundance of responsibility are part and parcel with climbing the legal career ladder in any firm size. Learn how to invest in you and your team’s wellbeing.

In today’s dynamic legal landscape, you need to stay informed about what’s happening – and be prepared for what’s next. Ready to dive in?

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