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03 March 2012 By Lawyers Weekly

Not ones to be left behind by popular social trends, members of the legal profession are taking time out of their busy schedules for a little bit of social networking. With Facebook groups…

Not ones to be left behind by popular social trends, members of the legal profession are taking time out of their busy schedules for a little bit of social networking. With Facebook groups cropping up covering every facet of the law, and a gamut ranging from the sublime to the silly, groups such as 'Lawyers who want to be housewives', 'Lawyers for Gophers', 'Desperate Lawyers', and 'Lawyers who are not boring' (sadly only 32 members) are providing an online outlet for the legal-minded to find like-minded souls. Here's Folklaw's pick of bunch:

Lawyers Who Bring Sexy Back

This group of 6200 says it was created "because not all lawyers are boring, ugly and tragically born without personalities..." And one lawyer of the group, Zubin Pratap, thinks it is time for lawyers to take on Australia's tradies. "It's not just about being sexy, it's about making it sexy ... especially in Australia where lawyers have been usurped by tradies as the sexiest professionals. Lamentable!" he said.


Then there is Alex Prezanti who thinks only legal researchers and academics are sexy. "Practitioners wouldn't even know what sexy is - unless it was written into their contract in some hidden clause," he said. However, Joan Elizabeth Webley argued in true lawyer style. "Sorry Alex, but I have to disagree. Sure, most of the practitioners who work at my firm are nothing to melt over, but the new generation of solicitors in Melbourne are most definitely bringing sexy back! Legal researchers and academics know what sexy is but us practitioners not only know what sexy is... we're out there working it!"

I wish my firm had a billing code for Facebook

It's surprising more lawyers haven't joined the group which says it is "for those who struggle with the ethics of trying to bill clients for the time they spend on Facebook". But in true lawyer fashion it has a disclaimer: "This group is not to be taken seriously". Some contributions from the nearly 1200 members to the wall have suggested how Facebook could be billed, including "under research - after all we are in the information collation industry", "non-chargeable meeting", "general firm administration" and "IT support'. One member from South Africa, Sacha Christopher, goes as far as to say "I love using the 'Business Development' code for entering my Facebook time. Anyway, that description of my time is probably more accurate than any bulls**t BD that the partners claim that they do! LOL!"

Elle Woods is my biggest inspiration for doing law

Reese Witherspoon played Elle Woods in the box office smash hit Legally Blonde and it seems she spurred a new generation of lawyers. The group, with 500 members, says it is for those lawyers out there who saw the movie and thought "Hey, I could do that! Only to get to class and think 'Oh dear'." However, the group encourages lawyers to keep the Elle Woods philosophy alive: "We're comfortable with using legal jargon in our everyday lives ... we object!" One lawyer from Brighton, LeAnne Woods, said she loves pink, glitter, little dogs and pink cars and law. "I just get annoyed that people automatically assume that because we all look so girly, we therefore can't be lawyers? Get over it! Our power suits can be hot pink!"

Lawyers Weekly Discover

Be Nice, I could be your Lawyer someday...

With a whopping 14,700 members, it seems it pays to be nice to lawyers and could serve as a reminder to friends and family. Sebastian Page from Nottingham sums it up when he said he can't think of a job more glamorous than being a lawyer - "apart from being 007 perhaps".

Lawyers are Important

Described as a very important group for some very important people, it goes on to say "Lawyers are important. They go to important offices and do important things. They have mahogany desks and mahogany walls. They have phones with five buttons and signatures that are big and hard to read." As one member from Memphis, Jean Holbert, said: "Sometimes I look at non-lawyers and feel sad for them because they will never truly be important." But with only 160 members, it seems lawyers are too busy being important to join.

Compiled by Sarah Sharples

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