Folklaw's list of future celebrity lawyers

03 March 2012 By Lawyers Weekly

After the news this week that former Australian Idol Judge Mark Holden is heading to the Bar, Folklaw decided to c

After the news this week that former Australian Idol Judge Mark Holden is heading to the Bar, Folklaw decided to compile its own wish-list of celebrities it believes should enter the legal profession and where - based on their celebrity skills - they could best apply their personalities.

Who: Matt Preston of MasterChef

Area of law: The Bar


Why: For his pompous, flamboyant personality, intriguing use of the English language and, of course, his love of wearing cravats

Who: Brangelina

Area of law: Human Rights

Why? Because it would give them something to do as they explore photo and adoption opportunities across various disaster regions.

Who: Lindsay Lohan

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Area of law: Criminal law

Why: Car crashes, driving under the influence, drug possession, and now crimes against fashion - we think she's got this area of law pretty well covered.

Who: Bert Newton

Area of law: Wills and estates

Why? With his skill in keeping on clinging on, we figure ol' Moonface must have re-written a few wills in his time - and his unique penchant for pulling off his wig would go down a right treat in the courtroom.

Who: Jude Law

Area of law: Employment law

Why? Following his affair with his children's Nanny, he must have some experience in avoiding sexual harassment claims

Who: David Tennant, of Dr Who

Area of law: Banking and finance

Why? For his ability to pull off a suit, knack of getting out of a tight squeeze and his character's wit and intellect - which may very well talk some sense into the next crop of young banking and finance experts.

Who: Alex Lloyd, musician

Area of law: Intellectual property

Why? Chased down by an old mate trying to stake a claim on his hit 'Amazing' while wielding the memory of a beer coaster, Lloyd successfully had the case dismissed in the Federal Court - and his reaction to the victory that he was about to "cry with tears of joy" would mark an entertaining change from the usually demure post-judgment celebrations.

Who: Paul Hogan

Area of law: Tax

Why? For the long-term pursuit he has faced from the Australian Tax Office and his elegant call for the ATO to "Come and get me, you miserable bastards".

Who: Elizabeth Taylor

Area of law: Family

Why: Married eight times to seven husbands, and with seven divorces under her belt, Taylor is the Grand Dame of family law - and still has the diamonds to prove it.

Who: Heather Mills

Area of law: Family

Why? Her 24.3 million pound divorce settlement from former husband Paul McCartney should provide clients with enough confidence to want to take their case to court.

Who: Alan Bond

Area of law: Insolvency

Why? After his notable time in the big house after the collapse of Bond Corp, you can be assured the former bankrupt, who recovered to return to BRW's Rich Lists in 2008 with an estimated wealth of $265 million, will go for broke in defending any insolvency - and may just throw in a few tips on recouping that lost wealth.

Is there someone famous you'd like to see trouncing the corridors of the legal world? Folklaw would love to hear your suggestions, leave nominations in the comments field below:

Folklaw's list of future celebrity lawyers
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