The world's most outrageous lawsuits

By Lawyers Weekly|03 March 2012

An American woman has once again demonstrated that the USA is the undisputed global capital for ridiculous lawsuits.Google is the latest victim of an arguably incompetent US citizen, with a…

An American woman has once again demonstrated that the USA is the undisputed global capital for ridiculous lawsuits.

Google is the latest victim of an arguably incompetent US citizen, with a woman suing Google Maps after she was hit by a car whilst walking and following its directions.

Although Google Maps did direct her to follow a busy highway - alongside which there were no footpaths - Folklaw doesn't really understand why the woman couldn't have, say, watched where she was going like every other person reading a map, or just worked out for herself that, despite what her Blackberry was telling her, walking along that road was probably not a good idea.


So in honour of greed, shirked responsibility and general idiocy, Folklaw has compiled a list of the world's most outrageous law suits.

Trouser-less judge loses more than his pants

An American judge proved he is just downright mean after suing his local drycleaners for $54 million in damages after his trousers were inadvertently misplaced. The South-Korean immigrant defendants got their own back though, demanding the nasty judge be thrown out of office - not because he was without pants - but because his claim was frivolous and abusive. No big shocks here: the district judge found for the defendants.


When saying "nein" gets you in trouble


Germany's version of withering playboy Hugh Hefner, Rolf Eden, sued a 19-year-old woman for discriminatory ageism after she refused to jump in the sack with him. Despite being wined and dined by the leathery sugar daddy - who is known for his sexual deviancy - the blonde bombshell opted out of sex because she thought Eden was, quite simply, too old for her. Eden, who reckons he has bedded around 3,000 women in his time, obviously didn't take this too well and filed charges.


With this kidney, I thee wed...

Nothing says I love you like a kidney, especially when it is one you have had removed from your body and donated to your ailing lover. Unfortunately for American doctor Richard Batista, his slimy yet loving gift was not enough to keep his wife Dawnell, who was the recipient of the kidney, from falling into the arms of another man and dishing up divorce papers. Outraged, Batista sought revenge by suing Dawnell for the "amount" of his kidney: $1.5 million. Bummer.


I'm drinking Bud, so where's my hot bird?

A man by the name of Richard Overton sued America's biggest brewing company, Anheuser-Busch, for false and misleading advertising. Among Overton's claims was that he suffered injuries as a result of the false advertisements, including "personal injury to his health both physical and mental, emotional distress, and financial loss in excess of $10,000". The complaint referred to ads portraying beautiful women in tropical settings who miraculously came to life for two men while they were driving a Bud Light truck. Like the women in his beer-induced fantasies, Overton's legal ambitions were never realised.

(Source: The Personal Injury Lawyer Directory)

What do you mean the haunted house is scary?!

A woman named Cleanthi Peters sued America's Universal Studios for $15,000, claiming she had suffered "extreme fear, mental anguish, and emotional distress" during a visit to the Studios' 'Halloween Horror Nights' haunted house, which she said was just downright too scary. You don't say.

(Source: The Personal Injury Lawyer Directory)

The world's most outrageous lawsuits
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