Super puppy aint no Clutz

03 March 2012 By Lawyers Weekly

Clutz the Labrador, Clayton Utz's latest addition It's official: the latest trend which appear

Clutz the Labrador, Clayton Utz's latest addition
It's official: the latest trend which appears to be sweeping law firms is to acquire a gorgeous Labrador puppy and sponsor it to become an assistance dog.


Following in the paw-steps of Queensland firm Trilby Misso, Clayton Utz has also adopted a support puppy-in-training: the subtly named Clutz.

As part of "Dogtober", Clutz is set to meet his sponsors at Clayton Utz in Sydney this Thursday (7 October).

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Clutz, a tiny yellow Labrador, is currently in training to help someone with a physical disability, learning to perform everyday tasks for someone who uses a wheelchair, such as picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors, alert barking if his recipient is in trouble, pressing the button at the traffic lights, getting bottles of water from the fridge and even unloading the washing machine.

Dogtober is Assistance Dogs Australia's fundraising and awareness month and is a way for people to fundraise through organising doggy-themed events or undertaking a challenge for sponsorship to raise awareness and much needed funds for Assistance Dogs Australia.

Assistance Dogs Australia is a non-profit organisation that trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to give freedom and independence to people with physical disabilities.

Last Dogtober, Clayton Utz launched the Assistance Dogs Australia's Bequest Program, the Loyal Companions Circle, which encourages lawyers to get involved with wills days, where lawyers donate their time to draft a will for people who give a donation to Assistance Dogs Australia.

Pups like Clutz take two years to train, and an investment of $25,000, but are placed with recipients free of charge.

Super puppy aint no Clutz
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