Lawyer busted for Pomeranian bribe

06 February 2012 By Reporter

When it comes to bribery, many a lawyer has been caught red-handed. Not many, though, have been found guilty of bribery-by-small white fluffy dog.

The ABA Journal reports that Jose Izquierdo II, an American lawyer and architect, was suspended from practice for three years for lying to authorities about a small dog he gifted to the girlfriend of a Union City Zoning Board member.

The FBI questioned Izquierdo as part of a public corruption probe, and he claimed he had been reimbursed the $3,417 he spent on buying a wee Pomeranian and appropriately fashionable pet accessories.


This was found to be a blatant lie and a matter that “equates to bribery”, according to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court also said Izquierdo should be disbarred “for … unethical conduct for which he derived personal benefit”.

Folklaw is pleased to report, however, that not all lawyers use tiny canines for evil. Others, like American Paul Geller, use powers of good to rescue them – and their pregnant human owners – from the jaws of two vicious Pitbulls.

The ABA Journal reported in 2007 that the securities litigator, upon spotting the woman and her fluffy companion in distress, pulled his car over, warned his eight-year-old son “not to try this himself” and then leaped upon the two dogs, driving them away with a potent mix of adrenalin-fuelled fury and jujitsu moves.

Geller said he “kicked and barked orders” at the dogs, and both animals ran away.

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“In the course of litigation, there’s no doubt that you get adrenaline rushes from time to time,” he said, “but nothing like this ... The woman was on the ground and one of the pit bulls was on top of her. Blood was everywhere.”

Geller then drove the victim and her schnauzer to hospital. Both were fine, though the wee dog needed a hundred stitches.

Lawyer busted for Pomeranian bribe
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