Gym-junkie lawyer gets hangry

04 March 2012 By Lawyers Weekly

A New York lawyer has developed a clear case of the 'hangries', launching a $US730,000 ($708,411) lawsuit over his breakfast - or lack thereof. As Above the Law reports, personal injury lawyer…

A New York lawyer has developed a clear case of the 'hangries', launching a $US730,000 ($708,411) lawsuit over his breakfast - or lack thereof.


As Above the Law reports, personal injury lawyer Richard J Katz is suing his luxurious gym, the Setai Club & Spa Wall Street, which offers "exclusive fitness and wellness with a membership roster of the who's who of the Manhattan financial capital".

For just $US5000 a year, the Setai Club and Spa offers members, like Katz, unlimited daily access to workout gear, personal grooming equipment, fresh towels, robes and slippers; access to a private members cocktail lounge with Wi-Fi and a widescreen television; as well as a "complimentary breakfast" Monday to Friday at Michelin Star restaurant SHO (this sounds like Folklaw's kind of gym).

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According to the New York Daily News, Katz, who is 53 years old and lives in the West Village with his wife, really enjoyed his breakfasts at the Setai Club.

"It was a full-blown hotel breakfast. I'd go to the gym in the morning, have a spa and a nice quiet breakfast and do some work - they mucked it all up," Katz told the New York Daily News.

Unfortunately, it appears Katz got a little too used to his daily, post-workout feasts and is now pretty furious after they were taken away from him. Apparently, his 'hangry' complaints about the missing complimentary breakfasts he was promised got so bad that Katz was kicked out of the exclusive club.

Above the Law says Katz is suing the gym for each meal he missed out on, based on the allegation that the Setai Club knew it would be unable to deliver on its promise of a "full complimentary breakfast", however Katz nonetheless relied on that promise to his detriment.

According to The New York Times, in a case filed in the New York Supreme Court on 8 November, Katz is claiming $230,000 in damages in relation to the breakfasts and $500,000 for an alleged libellous comment by a Setai Club employee.

Folklaw can totally relate to Katz's 'hanger' over his breakfast, particularly after an intense gym workout. Although in Folklaw's world, as a journalist, the grievances are on a slightly lesser scale and usually involve the measly takeaway toast and coffee order which often goes missing.

Gym-junkie lawyer gets hangry
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