Top lawyer pepper sprays innocent dachshund

12 March 2012 By Reporter

An American lawyer has been arrested for pepper spraying an innocent sausage dog and his Maltese terrier friend.


RollOnFriday reports that Hunton & Williams LLP partner Terence Connor pulled out the capsicum spray when confronted with the vicious beasts which, according to Conner, “never stop barking”.

According to the colourful police report, the pooches’ distraught owner and Connor’s neighbour, Ms Lopez, was wondering why her little treasures, who were “playing together in the backyard”, were barking. She thus wandered outside, only to see Conner dispensing a decent dose of hatred in a can.

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The hapless hounds were rushed to the pet hospital while police attended the scene, and Ms Lopez had to be treated for capsicum spray burns as a result of coming to the rescue of her beloved fur children.

When the police arrived, they were met with a very grumpy Connor, who didn’t beat about the bush in making his motivations known.

“Mr Connor … advised that there was no need for so many f*cking officers at his residence,” reads the police report. “He then stated that he did spray the dogs because ‘you f*cking police don’t ever do anything about the issue’.”

When Connor was asked by police to retrieve the pepper spray, he stormed inside, picked it up and proceeded to throw it at one of the officers.

The police report also clarifies that “Connor was not in any danger of being physically harmed by the dogs”.

Conner was subsequently arrested and hauled down to the station. Unsurprisingly, the firm declined to comment when contacted by RollOnFriday.

Top lawyer pepper sprays innocent dachshund
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