Not the Apprentice but a partner

19 April 2012 By Justin Whealing

He couldn’t weave his spell over Wizard Home Loans owner Mark Bouris, but former reality TV star Gavin McInnes is a now a partner at his law firm.

McInnes was promoted to the partnership of Brisbane-based firm Rostron Carlyle Solicitors earlier this month, but he first came onto Folklaw’s radar in 2009 when he was a contestant on the first series of the Australian version of The Apprentice.


When flicking the dial during that dead zone between the end of The Simpsons and the start of Lateline (Folklaw is a big believer in working the left and right sides of the brain), Folklaw was often amused by the antics of McInnes and his chums as they vied for the affection of Bouris.

McInnes, who made it to the final three before Bouris pointed the finger and yelled, ‘You’re fired!’ in what was a poor parody of Donald ‘show us your birth certificate’ Trump; was certainly not the shy and retiring type when he was on television.

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Folklaw has many fond memories of Gavin during the show as well as many cringe-worthy memories when the tanned Queenslander would walk around mansion which housed the contestants, shirtless.

Highlights include the “they looked into my eyes” line McInnes used when explaining why he sidelined regular sparring partner Carmen, when speaking to Microsoft executives at a presentation; the deferential references to “Mr Bouris” when in the boardroom with the big guy; Bouris telling him to “stop playing the game” after he survived one boardroom elimination; and his comment that “money is as important as breathing”.

Folklaw hasn’t seen the current series of Celebrity Apprentice as it has more important things to do like treat its cuticles or alphabetise its record collection (first entry, Adams, Ryan; last entry, Zutons, The).

Folklaw is glad the partners of Rostron Carlyle recognised the qualities of McInnes that the perfectly coiffered Bouris failed to see.

Not the Apprentice but a partner
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