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Careers 24 May 2023 ByGerard PetersenMen, caring and parenting: The values ‘tug of war’ in law firms

There is a values-based “tug of war” in law firms between the older hierarchy of male partners and younger male...

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Big Law 10 May 2023 ByJess FeyderAFL coaching can inform successful law firm leadership

The principal of a family law firm discusses the parallels between AFL coaching and leading a law firm and outlines the...

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Corporate Counsel 09 May 2023 ByAndrew MckenzieDo lawyers make good leaders?

If legal professionals are interested in positioning themselves for executive leadership roles in the future, there are...

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Podcast 05 May 2023 ByRobyn TongolWhat leaders in law can learn from elite AFL coaching

Firm owner Geoff Ebert has been coaching Australian rules football, including at the professional academy level, for...

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Careers 04 May 2023 ByStuart J. BarnettIs not having the title ‘partner’ holding you back?

When looking to move up the ladder of one’s law firm, there are a couple of things one must consider in becoming a...

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Careers 03 February 2023 ByJerome Doraisamy‘Resenteeism’: The new trend for lawyers?

Being overly frustrated by one’s professional circumstances but still pushing through has been newly labelled as...

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companies 15 July 2022 ByJocelyn GoCoaching Advocates

Coaching Advocates was established in 2020 and is the product of a group of like-minded lawyer coaches who are...

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Claire Bibby and Lara Wentworth
Big Law 25 March 2022 ByLauren CroftCoaching helps lawyers ‘redefine success’

As the legal profession settles into post-pandemic ways of working, more lawyers are embracing change than ever,...

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Coaching Advocates
Big Law 25 May 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyGlobal coaching network for lawyers launches

A team of lawyers-turned-professional coaches, with experiences as partners, GCs and board members, has launched a...

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