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AAT welcomes new members and re-appointees

The Attorney-General has announced 76 appointments and re-appointments for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

user iconStefanie Garber 12 May 2016 The Bar
AAT welcomes new members and re-appointees
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Attorney-General George Brandis last week named 36 new members to the tribunal, while one member was moved to a full-time role and 39 were re-appointed.

The Law Council of Australia president Stuart Clark praised the move as a way to ease the burden on the AAT.

“The Law Council welcomes these appointments which will go some way to address the extraordinary case load carried by these courts and the tribunal,” he said.


The new full-time senior members are Dr Denis Dragovic, Theodore Tavoularis and Adria Marissa Poljak, who will serve terms of seven, five and three years, respectively.

Chelsea Rebelle Walsh has also been granted a full-time senior member role, after previously serving part-time.

A further three senior members were appointed on a part-time basis: April Christina Freeman and John Sosso for seven years, Peter Edward Nolan for five years, and Professor Michael John McGrowdie for three.

Senior-level re-appointments include John Cipolla and Kira Raif as full-time members for five years, John Billings as a full-time member for three years, and Mr Shahyar Roushan as a part-time member for three.

Outside of the senior level, new full-time appointees include Clyde Campbell and Peter Vlahos for seven years, Angela Cranston, Justine Clarke, Jeffrey Robert Thomson and Jennifer Cripps Watts for five years, and Ms Moira Brophy and Mr Mark Gordon Hyman for three. 

New part-time members on seven-year terms are Michael Bruce Hawkins, Kate Juhasz, and Saxon Rice.

Part-time appointees on five-year terms comprise Ann Barbara Brandon-Baker, Dr Louise Bygrave, Mila Foster, John Fitzsimons Godfrey, Dr Eric Knight, Michael Manetta, Jane Louise Marquard, Adrienne Millbank, Seamus Francis Rafferty, James Edward Silva, and the Honourable Judith Mary Troeth AM.

Finally, new part-time members appointed on three-year terms include Rhonda Ruth Bradley, Marshal John Douglas, Julie Dianne Forgan, Paul Samuel Glass, Dr Heidi Gregory, William Bruce Kennedy, and Dr Sofia Khan.

The new appointees will start at the AAT on 30 May, with a few exceptions: Ms Walsh will commence on 6 May, Ms Clarke will commence on 1 August, Ms Brophy will commence on 13 June and Mr Silva will commence on 2 August.





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