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How to get your last-minute CPD points

Worried about whether you’ll be able to get all of your points by the CPD deadline? Here, find out how best to ensure you complete your requirements in time.

user iconLawCPD 16 March 2023 Big Law
How to get your last-minute CPD points
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Some lawyers might start feeling the pressure with only a few weeks left before this year’s CPD deadline. Still, there is no need to panic, and you can still make your CPD count with these tips.

Speaking to Lawyers Weekly, LawCPD co-founder Sarah Mateljan insists that despite the short lead time, lawyers still have enough time to make CPD more than just a compliance exercise.

“With so much disruption in how and where lawyers practice law, lawyers must equip themselves with the skills required to maintain their ethical obligations, relationships and productivity despite these disruptions,” she explained.


“For this CPD year, we’ve developed and released a series of self-paced interactive courses that will help lawyers across Australia feel more confident in this new context.”

To make the most of the annual compliance requirements, lawyers should first check whether they still need CPD points in the mandatory areas: ethics, skills, practice management and substantive law – and ensure they know the specific rules that apply to their jurisdiction.

“There has been so much change in the CPD rules in the past two years across Australia,” Ms Mateljan noted.

“It’s important to check in to make sure you know what activities you can claim points for, and which areas you need to cover.”

Ms Mateljan also strongly encourages lawyers to focus on topics and courses that will help them achieve their career goals – as well as to consider the format that will help them to learn best.

“There is often a missed opportunity to make CPD more than just a tick in a box,” she noted.

“However, we’ve noticed in recent years that lawyers are being more intentional about the courses they choose, and they often comment on the benefits of our CPD delivery. Because our courses are available on-demand, lawyers don’t have to worry about having to make themselves available at a particular time or place; they can simply log in when it suits them and progress their courses at their own pace.”

With limited time until the deadline, Ms Mateljan encourages lawyers to take advantage of the self-paced and interactive CPD courses that LawCPD offers.

“LawCPD’s online courses mean lawyers can learn from the leading experts in law in an engaging and flexible format, which maximises learning outcomes,” she said.

As Ms Mateljan explained, many lawyers choose LawCPD because they can earn unlimited CPD points by completing interactive online courses. For lawyers who still need more than a couple of points, she urges them to check out their best-selling One-Click CPD Compliance Packs. Available in five or 10 points, they cover all core CPD competencies and are tailored to a wide range of practice areas.

Need to get your CPD compliance sorted before the  31 March deadline? You can find over one hundred hours of interactive online CPD activities suitable for lawyers at