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Monash University partners with BigLaw firm on AI clinical placement program

A first-of-its-kind partnership between Lander & Rogers and Monash University is exploring the potential of AI in the legal profession with a new clinical placement program.

user iconLauren Croft 24 July 2023 Big Law
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Monash University and Lander & Rogers have joined forces to explore artificial intelligence (AI) in law and research potential use cases across multiple practice groups and testing platforms.

Following a firm-wide survey of its practice groups and business service functions, which revealed a desire across the firm to learn about existing and upcoming AI tools; gain insights into the workings of AI, particularly large language models; and understand how to apply AI in their daily work, Lander & Rogers has initiated its AI Clinical Placement Program in collaboration with Monash University – the first initiative of its kind in Australia.

Led by Courtney Blackman from the firm’s award-winning iHub innovation function and Stan Chua from the firm’s technology group, a team of five law students from Monash University has been embedded within Lander & Rogers, in a placement running from May to August 2023.


Working directly alongside lawyers and partners from several of the firm’s practice groups, the student AI team is preparing a detailed AI research paper on LLM models and actively engaging in the hands-on testing of use cases against various AI models, as well as new applications and platforms.

Genevieve Collins, chief executive partner of Lander & Rogers, said that this hands-on investigation would pave the way for forward-thinking AI initiatives.

“As a forward-thinking law firm, we recognise the value of collaboration, particularly in the rapidly evolving field of AI. We are proud to partner with Monash University on the AI Clinical Placement Program. Combining the students’ research skills with our industry knowledge and resources, we can unlock new possibilities and drive meaningful impact for the legal industry,” she said.

“We are committed to advancing the legal industry’s use of AI and delivering innovative solutions that will shape the future of law.”

The AI Clinical Placement Program is a natural evolution from an existing partnership between Lander & Rogers and Monash University and follows the Law Tech Clinics, which are the first university-industry-partnered internships that prepare students for the future of legal practice by educating and tasking them with building no-code or low-code legal tech applications.

“Partnering with Lander & Rogers on the AI Clinical Placement Program presents a unique opportunity for our law students to apply their skills and research abilities to better understand this world-changing technology and to uncover AI’s potential,” Dr Jacqueline Weinberg, director of clinical units in the Monash University Law Clinical Program, said.

“We are working with teams across the firm to create an impact within Australia’s legal industry and beyond.”

The AI team is working closely with Lander & Rogers’ diverse practice groups to uncover potential use cases where AI’s broad capabilities can enhance efficiency and productivity. Through these collaborative sessions, the student team has already identified several use cases for AI implementation. These include legal research, summarising and drafting letters, indexing large volumes of documents, file and document management that adheres to filing rules and protocols, acting as a “virtual assistant”, and generating thought pieces and articles using generative AI for topic and content generation, something which Lander & Rogers corporate partner Simon Davidson said he was excited about.

“I’m excited about the potential of AI and am delighted to be working with a dedicated team of Monash University students to explore its capabilities. As one of the innovation leads at Lander & Rogers, I’m always looking to uncover ways that we can deliver better outcomes,” he said.

“The legal landscape is becoming increasingly complex, and exploring technologies such as AI is essential for staying competitive and continuing to provide exceptional service to our clients.”

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