Legal Tech: Making Client Engagement Even Better

Practices expect a lot from their tech - streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency and a reduction in non-billable hours. Does your legal tech earn its keep?

Promoted by Settify | 16 April 2024 Big Law
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Family law, Wills, and Probate practices increasingly identify the need to streamline operations to enhance efficiency, reduce non-billable hours and ensure client satisfaction. Legal tech solutions like Settify are at the forefront of this transformation, reducing administrative burdens, improving client engagement, and maximising revenue potential. These platforms are crucial in streamlining the client intake process—a vital step in building effective client-lawyer relationships.

Identifying Key Issues Before Investment

It goes without saying that before investing in new software or technology, you will need to assess your firm's specific needs thoroughly. Not every tech solution will suit every practice, and choosing the wrong software will not only fail to provide the solution you are looking for but lead to additional costs as well as ongoing frustration for your staff and clients.

  • Assess Practice Needs: Start by pinpointing inefficiencies in current processes. For instance, if losing potential clients due to slow response times is an issue, a solution that enhances client communication speed is advisable.
  • Evaluate Software Features: Ensure the software’s capabilities align with your firm's needs. A family law practice handling sensitive information might prioritise features like secure data handling and client privacy.
  • Consider Integration and Scalability: Choose solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems, including your practice management system, and are scalable to accommodate growth, minimising disruptions.
  • Seek Customisable Solutions: Opt for customisable features that adapt technology to your firm's unique processes rather than forcing procedural changes.

The Challenge

Many practices lose billable hours to administrative tasks and potential clients to competitors who provide more accessible and engaging interactions. A client's initial impression can be decisive in which firm they opt to align themselves with. Therefore, ease of engagement and prompt responsiveness are crucial elements to get right.

Legal Tech Innovations for Client Engagement and Intake

Legal tech platforms that automate the intake process are often the client's first contact with the firm. By managing routine data collection and client education online, lawyers can focus on legal strategies and client-specific needs before their first in-person interactions.

Integration and Practical Benefits of Client Intake Platforms

  • 24/7 Accessibility: Clients can access services outside regular business hours, meeting their needs and enhancing timely engagement.
  • Seamless Integration: Integration with existing practice management systems like Smokeball, LEAP, or FilePro ensures smooth data flow from the intake platform to the lawyers, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Personalised Client Experience: Automation of initial client engagement allows the first in-person meeting to be personalised, valuable, and forward-focused, significantly improving client satisfaction and retention.

Midlas, an extremely busy not-for-profit legal centre in WA, showcases the transformative impact of Settify. Their video testimonial, viewable here, highlights how Settify has enhanced their operations by:

  • Reducing unbillable administrative time.
  • Enhancing initial client engagement without sacrificing the personal touch.
  • Allowing for more strategic planning before meeting clients.
  • Providing an easy-to-use interface that educates the user as they progress through the questionnaire.

The testimonial offers a detailed look at how Settify has effectively managed time and engaged clients, optimising their new client intake process.

For practices looking to reduce time on administrative tasks, improve client engagement, and enhance the intake process, adopting a tech solution like Settify can be transformative. By making informed choices about tech solutions, your firm can improve operational efficiency and client experience, leading to better business outcomes. Carefully selecting the right technology that aligns with specific needs ensures that investments in legal tech yield substantial returns in efficiency, client relations, and business performance.