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Legal ethics: Trending CPD topics for 2023

Are you confident in your ability to tackle the ethical challenges that come your way in 2023? We’ve curated a shortlist of the most in-demand legal ethics courses to help you get compliant before the fast-approaching 31 March CPD deadline!

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Lawyers are now heavily reliant on technology in their day-to-day practice as it means they can deliver services to clients more efficiently and cost-effectively. However, lawyers are also starting to recognise the challenges inherent in using technology, particularly those related to their ethical obligations.

According to Sarah Mateljan, co-founder of LawCPD, lawyers are more conscious than ever of these challenges and keen to understand how they can successfully leverage technology while avoiding its pitfalls.


“We have seen a real trend towards lawyers choosing courses that will help them to understand the broader implications of using technology — particularly how this interfaces with cyber risk, communication and professional obligations. Our top three most popular ethics courses clearly illustrate this trend,” Ms Mateljan said.

It’s not just the intersection between ethics and technology that has captured lawyers’ interest in 2023. The impact of stress and mental health also feature prominently, as does the desire to make better decisions under pressure. 

“Throughout their careers, lawyers will face many ethical dilemmas — and each one will be unique. Having a clear framework to support a sound decision-making process can help relieve the intense stress many lawyers feel when dealing with these ethical challenges,” Ms Mateljan concluded.  

Check out the top trending legal ethics courses for 2023 below:

  1. Lawyers’ Ethical Duties in the Digital Age
  2. Ethics and Email
  3. Remote Work for Lawyers: Ethics and Cyber Risk
  4. Mental Ill Health in the Profession and its Ethical Implications
  5. Ethical Decision Making for Lawyers
  6. Judicial Stress and Judicial Bullying
  7. Communications Between Bench & Bar: Perception Can Be Everything
  8. Enhancing Your Wellbeing in the Law
  9. Conflicts of Interest for In-House Counsel
  10. Trust me, I’m a Lawyer
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