Firm boosts employee efficiency by 60%

15 November 2016 By Emma Ryan
employee efficiency

An Australian firm says it has achieved a 60 per cent increase in employee efficiency rates by identifying and spreading a “core enabler” throughout its business operations.

Intellectual property law firm Davies Collison Cave (DCC) has deployed the flash technology Pure Storage to combat slow application responses, sluggish document management systems and long query times.

DCC managing partner Leon Allen said since identifying the flash technology as a “core enabler” and rolling it out across the business, the firm has seen several key benefits.

These include a significant increase in system speed, delivering greater efficiency and productivity, reduced document search time from 12 to three seconds per search, reduced application response times from 24 to 13 seconds per application, and reduced data storage speed from 7.5 to 2.5 seconds per file.


“With Pure Storage, we’ve seen faster e-discovery and fewer practice management glitches, resulting in a 60 per cent improvement in efficiency across our business,” Mr Allen said.

“The system is performing better so staff can complete more work each day, which ultimately improves our company productivity.”

Mr Allen noted the technology also allows “less time to be spent on applying operating system patches to virtual services” and has seen staff complaints decline sharply.

The flash technology was able to be implemented throughout DCC due to its partnership with IT services firm Huon IT.

Huon IT technical director Dennis Wong said because DCC is an intellectual property firm, its lawyers are required to search for up to 50 client cases a day – something they are able to do much more efficiently due to Pure Storage.

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“Looking up case numbers in the practice management system would take 16.5 seconds per search. With Pure Storage, it takes seven seconds to do that same search,” Mr Wong said.

“The lawyers are conducting these searches at least 50 times per day, so this represents another massive time saving of more than 50 per cent.”

The speed with which backups are now completed is another important benefit, as they no longer impact the end-user experience, according to Mr Wong.

Prior to implementing Pure Storage, he said, DCC staff encountered performance issues and slow response times when nightly backups were taking place, severely interrupting and reducing productivity. However, with Pure Storage, DCC staff no longer have to deal with a slow system.

Mr Wong noted Pure Storage has also helped to reduce Huon IT’s time spent on DCC’s IT maintenance by 75 per cent – from two people over four hours to one person over two hours.

“Storage is no longer a problem. Pure Storage has eliminated the painful task of ensuring that backup doesn’t impact user experience,” Mr Wong said.

“In addition to simplifying management and maintenance from an IT perspective, the Pure deployment has had a remarkable impact on DCC’s bottom line.”

Firm boosts employee efficiency by 60%
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