Virtual lawyer built for Amazon’s Alexa

By Jerome Doraisamy|15 January 2019
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An Australian-based legal technology company has created a prototype virtual lawyer, built using Amazon’s Alexa platform, as a test for whether lawyers will eventually be replaced by robots.

Smarter Drafter, located in Sydney, has developed what it is calling the “world’s first virtual lawyer for Amazon’s Alexa”, which creates legal documents instantly, in the same way a human lawyer would do.


The Alexa Skill, as it has been dubbed, operates by asking questions that a real lawyer would and then drafting a legal document that considers the context, facts, jurisdiction and best practice.

It then takes a few minutes, Smarter Drafter explained, for the interview to take place and the legal documents to appear by email in one’s inbox.


Smarter Drafter CEO Adam Long said this virtual lawyer can test whether or not human lawyers will be at risk of being replaced by such robots.

“We mapped the decision-making processes of expert lawyers in excruciating detail to create a tool that would perform at the level of a human lawyer,” he said.

The prototype is powered by Smarter Drafter’s “unique” artificial intelligence, he explained, called Real Human Reasoning.

“Lawyers already delegate legal drafting to other experts – now they can give those same instructions to software and have the job done in moments, without any human errors. Here, we’re testing whether we can put the same power in the hands of the document’s end-user,” he continued.

And while no firm date has been set for the release of the first working Alexa integration, Mr Long is “optimistic” about its prospects.

“We’re only months away from a voice assistant for businesses and homes that will create any legal document you need,” he said.

Virtual lawyer built for Amazon’s Alexa
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