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LexisNexis launches new AI tool

LexisNexis has launched a new AI-driven tool that fuels efficiency and effectiveness and delivers reliable results for litigation lawyers.

user iconLauren Croft 29 May 2023 NewLaw
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Lexis Argument Analyser is an AI-driven tool that delivers 35 per cent more cases for legal users, with 75 per cent of recommended cases being confirmed as relevant to the user’s subject matter. The tool also enables downloading of various authorities seven times faster than traditional research approaches.

The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse a passage from a customer’s own document and identify new cases to help strengthen the customer’s argument and litigation strategy. In addition, Argument Analyser provides citation analysis, legal issue mapping, and the ability to check and download citations in bulk.

This, Foley’s List barrister Cheryl Richardson said, means that legal research is made easier than ever.


“Lexis Argument Analyser has become an essential part of my legal research tool kit. What I particularly like about the platform is the ability to cut and paste documents or enter free text to return downloadable authorities, recommendations for relevant legal issues and case law,” she said.

“No more guessing what combination of words will yield results! I am saving a significant amount of time in research which, in turn, is having a positive effect on my practice.”

Greg Dickason, LexisNexis Asia-Pacific managing director, said that the legal tech company has been building AI into its products for decades.

“Our use of AI technology, combined with our superior and comprehensive content collection and robust content markup (‘metadata’), enables lawyers to make confident data-driven decisions,” he said.

“By combining that longstanding technological expertise with our globally renowned content sets, Lexis Argument Analyser makes legal research effective, efficient, and precise.”

The use of AI in the law has been making headlines around the world, with questions raised around data privacy, security, protection of IP and ethics.

“We are — and always have been — committed to the responsible development and implementation of AI,” Mr Dickason said.

“Our solutions are not designed as a replacement for the practice of law, but as essential elements of the legal research process that deliver answers faster, surface new insights, and enable practitioners to develop their best possible arguments.”

Lexis Argument Analyser is the latest product to be added to a suite of AI-driven solutions. Lexis Clause Intelligence uses sophisticated AI-based information retrieval techniques to suggest relevant, expert-drafted clause wording from the LexisNexis content database, and Lexis Advance legal search delivers highly relevant search results by leveraging AI in combination with a broad and enriched content collection to better understand search intent and provide the most relevant results to the user.

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