A guide to having a baby, taking leave and returning to workMar 04 2021

Thinking about having a baby? This is what you need to know about your rights and as a legal professional, write Courtney Robertson and Alex

by Courtney Robertson and Alexandra Grayson


Feb 28 2021Impulsivity helps explain clients’ poor or irrational behaviour

Getting your client affordable, online treatment can help prevent reoffending and be a useful court ...

by Dr Yuliya Richard

Feb 23 2021Why extending the breadth of zero trust can improve IT security

The concept of taking a “zero trust” approach to IT security has been around for more than a de...

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Feb 22 2021Law firms have less than a week to fix underpayments as new ruling looms

Last year was undoubtedly a tough year for many of Australia’s biggest law firms, with many hit wi...

by Luke Thomas

Feb 21 2021Tougher laws needed for drug and alcohol driving in NSW

Last year four young children walking on the footpath in Oatley in NSW were on their way to buy ice...

by Nicholas John Cruz

Tax administration lessons learned from COVID-19 (and promptly forgotten)Feb 18 2021

Although most of us will remember 2020 as a year of enormous disruption and difficulties, it likely represents the zenith of tax administra...

by David Hughes

Governance dysfunction and imploding boards: A rocky start to 2021Feb 17 2021

As governance hits the headlines – for all the wrong reasons – a stark reminder has been served about why good governance must be a prio...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Eradicating a fear-based cultureFeb 16 2021

Whilst the era of flexible working has changed many aspects of the traditional workforce, fear-based work cultures are unfortunately still a...

by Stuart Taylor

What’s next for contract lawyering?Feb 14 2021

One of the legacies of the age of coronavirus will be lasting changes to the nature of contract lawyering, writes Matthew Kay. ...

by Matthew Kay

5 ways to add movement when working from homeFeb 11 2021

It’s 2021 and never before have so many people in society been asked (or forced) to continue to work from home. From a physiological persp...

by Andrew May