Realising RegTech – a new system for economic healthNov 10 2019

Corporate law has expanded significantly recently, with laws covering misconduct, as well as “traditional” white collar crimes, such as

by Ross Buckley and Deborah Young


Nov 07 2019Why law firms need to brave up and promote themselves

Like many highly professional industries, the majority of law firms achieve much of their business ...

by Phoebe Netto

Nov 06 201910 tips for legal professionals to protect against cyber attacks

The legal and conveyancing industry is becoming more digitised by the second, and it’s no surprise...

by Emma Ryan

Oct 30 2019When is an ‘imitation’ handgun a real gun?

We recently had an instance of what can possibly happen in a scenario like the one above. A young cl...

by John Gooley

Oct 23 2019Disposing of juries may be beset with controversy

Any discussion that explores whether or not juries should be discarded, in favour of trial by judic...

by Tyrone Kirchengast

Appearances (not just personal) matter in meetingsOct 21 2019

If you want to succeed in business, particularly if that business is in the legal profession, appearance is always a good place to start, wr...

by Phoebe Netto

Deciding how and when to disclose mental health issuesOct 21 2019

While the legal profession has, as a whole, made tremendous strides in raising awareness of and combating stigma about ailments such as anxi...

by Jerome Doraisamy

How small law firms can innovateOct 17 2019

Innovation does not always require spending enormous amounts of money or investing in high-end tech products, writes Marianne Marchesi. ...

by Marianne Marchesi

5 misconceptions about wellness in the workplaceOct 15 2019

There are some who remain sceptical, but more and more workplaces and GCs are increasingly acknowledging the benefits of prioritising health...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Why Qld Supreme Court decision on litigation funding is so significantOct 09 2019

A recent decision of the Supreme Court of Queensland has confirmed the legality of litigation funding for class actions in Queensland and br...

by Hannah Kay and Vavaa Mawuli