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8 Mar 2018
Shining outside of your comfort zone
I look to the brave women of the past with immense gratitude and admiration, writes Jamie Shine. ...
Out-of-the-box financial analysis
7 Mar 2018
Out-of-the-box financial analysis key to capturing losses in infrastructure disputes
The increasing sophistication and prevalence of infrastructure and construction disputes in Australia in coming years will put the quality of financia...
cryptocurrency, bitcoin
5 Mar 2018
Shining a spotlight on Australian digital currency tax laws
It comes without much surprise that taxation offices around the world are having to keep up with the growing trend of cryptocurrency and the tax impli...
2 Mar 2018
The temperature's rising on corporate crime in Australia
Businesses risk liability for corporate crime due to legislative developments proposed for 2018, writes Jacqui Wootton. ...
27 Feb 2018
The ethics of ... well, everything
Recently I have been asked to talk about the science and behavioural issues around ethics, writes Dr Bob Murray. ...
26 Feb 2018
Homo avocatus
When the clearing of throats ceased, Dr Daniel Kurtenfeld got up to speak. The delegates had been awaiting this moment. Kurtenfeld had been the lead a...
23 Feb 2018
Meditation at the desk
“Mediation? At the desk? Aren’t I supposed to calmly arrange myself in a serene space, eyes closed, cross-legged on the floor while chanting ‘om...
22 Feb 2018
Heartless lawyers? Not anymore
The next generation of lawyers must borrow a medical skill to survive the Uber-fication of the legal profession, writes Nick James. ...
15 Feb 2018
Qld patients victims of unfair medical negligence legal process
A recent report on complications suffered by patients in our hospitals has focused attention on the grim reality that the legal system in Queensland i...
12 Feb 2018
The strength of small law firms
Recently, Globality released the results of survey Global Trends in Hiring Outside Counsel. It revealed that 62 per cent believe small law firms are ...
9 Feb 2018
Sexual harassment and the law
When I heard that Q&A had made the unintelligible decision to put Charles Waterstreet on their #metoo panel I felt physically ill, writes Leah Mar...
8 Feb 2018
Bridging the technology expectation gap: A legal marriage made in heaven?
In a world driven by technology innovation, it is encouraging to learn that three quarters (76 per cent) of legal IT management believe the current le...
7 Feb 2018
In defence of the law degree and our future profession
Lawyers have not always received the highest accolades in our community. After all, they are called ‘lawyer jokes’ for a reason, writes Marie Isk...
6 Feb 2018
Lawyering in the tech age
Much ink has been spilled, and even more words feverishly typed over the impact of technology on the legal profession, writes Susan Wnukowska-Mtonga....
5 Feb 2018
Want a baby? It’s a 3-year planning cycle in the law
I regularly meet with young lawyers wanting to know how to plan their careers around having a baby, or how to have a baby around their career – depe...
2 Feb 2018
The changing pathways of law graduates
Technology equals change. This is a simple yet deeply impactful formula for the changing landscape of the legal industry, writes Simon Wilkins.  ...
1 Feb 2018
Managing the risk of costs assessments
Law practices, like any business in a service industry, rely on charging appropriate fees for services performed. However, driven by social perception...
31 Jan 2018
How technology is upending the traditionally conservative world of the law
Lawyers sometimes have misplaced assumptions about their continued relevance in the face of new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, Jo...
30 Jan 2018
Will robots become our public defenders?
In early 2012, The Australia Institute released a report on the state of the nation’s legal system. Entitled Justice for All, its findings were blea...
24 Jan 2018
The best gift you can give your staff this year
Sure, your staff would love a pay rise. But what your employees truly want in 2018, according to the research, is thought leadership and effective co...
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Jan 23 2019
Subjective pain experiences ‘particularly problematic’
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Jan 22 2019
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Jan 21 2019
Privilege, policing and the pub test: Questions to be answered from the Lawyer X scandal
While the Royal Commission into Management of Informants will be held in and limited to Victoria, it...
Brisbane partner, Thomson Geer
Jul 26 2018
New Brisbane partner for Thomson Geer
Australian law firm Thomson Geer has welcomed a new partner into their corporate and M&A team. ...
 appoints new company director and chairman
Jul 25 2018
WA’s Law Access appoints new company director and chairman
Western Australia’s legal pro bono referral service Law Access is welcoming the announcement of a ...
Appointed, handshake
Jun 26 2018
Queensland crown prosecutor appointed to District Court
Crown prosecutor Glen Cash QC has been appointed to the District Court of Queensland and will presid...
Jan 22 2019
How practising Brazilian Jui Jitsu has taught me to become a better lawyer
Sport, hobbies and interest are important for a balanced life and it is common for lawyers to have i...
Doodle notebook
Jan 10 2019
New Year’s resolutions for law students
Too often, law student Flynne Tytherleigh writes, law students are afraid of disappointment, and thu...
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Jan 8 2019
3 tried and tested strategies to help lawyers kick off 2019
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