The NRL and off-field misconduct: The challenges continueSep 22 2019

The first hint of spring and the month of September signal the start of the business end of the footy season. The whole year goes on the lin

by Tim Fuller


Sep 18 2019What makes a lawyer relevant in 2019?

As technology fast becomes more of a focal point than “who won the latest deal” or “which part...

by Rafe Berding

Sep 17 2019Culture ignited: A perfect storm

Culture. A term that has been a regular feature in news reports in 2018 and 2019 and (should be) at ...

by Samantha Carroll

Sep 17 2019Gen Z in the workplace – how GCs can manage the multi-generational workforce

As Bob Dylan sang, the times they are a-changin’, and for the first time we are seeing more genera...

by Matthew Kay

Sep 16 2019Local firms could face cyber challenges after High Court supports ATO’s use of leaked data

In August, Glencore lost its High Court battle against the Commissioner of Taxation to keep informat...

by Tim Dillon

Mastering change agility: Harnessing the ‘why not’ to drive growthSep 12 2019

The world is getting more complex, is very uncertain, and is changing at high speed. The legal industry is certainly no exception with perp...

by Anthony Hersch

How to approach R U OK? Day in 2019Sep 11 2019

Noticing the little things can make all the difference when it comes to supporting friends and colleagues in the workplace, writes Hall &...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Say your prayers: what employment law tells us about the Folau caseSep 10 2019

As the Israel Folau saga drags on, it is clear that – in accordance with employment law – the safest place to express certain views may ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

It’s obvious which firms are committed to pro bono (and which aren’t)Sep 09 2019

An examination of data from the Attorney-General’s Department tells us which firms have failed to meet targets, writes Jacqueline (Jaci) B...

by Jaci Burns

Lawyers, likes and comments: a dangerous cocktail?Sep 05 2019

Various research findings lead me to a troubling proposition – does social media, for all its personal and professional benefits, also giv...

by Jerome Doraisamy