The key to building a high-performance team for business successAug 13 2019

In so many law practices, whether large, medium or boutique, the missing ingredient is team momentum, writes David Sharrock.

by David Sharrock


Aug 08 2019Clerkship rejection is actually good for you

I never had an interest in commercial law. I didn’t even know what a share was until I did the co...

by Flynn Tytherleigh

Aug 07 2019The serious business of mental health in law

Make no mistake, mental health in Australia is serious business, costing the broader economy million...

by Mellissa Larkin

Aug 04 2019Why all MPs should vote for the Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill 2019

An estimated one in four women will have an abortion in their lifetime. This equates to just under o...

by Susan Wnukowska-Mtonga and Hannah Lawson

Aug 01 2019Managing a co-career in law and art

Picasso said “All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up”, ...

by Zoë Durand

Why business leaders need to commit to workplace flexibilityJul 31 2019

When I started my working life, seeking workplace flexibility was an off-ramp to my career, writes Sally Bruce. ...

by Sally Bruce

Measurable strategies to increase trust ROIJul 28 2019

In an era when data is the new oil, trust is rapidly emerging as the new currency that can boost, or conversely stagnate, organisational gro...

by Anthony Hersch

Should lawyers use social media marketing?Jul 25 2019

Social media marketing has always been a contentious strategy for law firms deciding to go digital. Advertising for a legal service has rema...

by Ekaterina Elliott

Should law students make 5-year plans?Jul 22 2019

My experiences lead me to ponder whether it’s worth investing our time in crafting opportunities based on a five-year plan around that we...

by Flynne Tytherleigh

Modern Slavery Act: How can companies go beyond compliance?Jul 18 2019

The start of the new financial year has seen many of Australia’s largest companies enter their first reporting period under the new Common...

by Michael Milnes