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Time to bring out the claws

Time to bring out the claws

Mimi Fong, managing director of recruiter Amicas Global, says the Chinese new year heralds a new beginning for job hunters.

Mimi Fong, managing director of recruiter Amicas Global, says the Chinese new year heralds a new beginning for job hunters. 

The Tiger is the third sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle and is the symbol for bravery and boldness. In keeping with this, the new year has commenced with the rallying of the global markets, confidence creeping back, exciting new ventures established and the infusion of a new found energy and courageousness of spirit.

In every market, there is always opportunity, and the year of the Tiger is ripe with opportunity for those brave enough to seize them! 

Information is the key to success. The old adage of “first in, best dressed” has never been truer. Keep informed and up to date on developments in the wider economic market and your employment sphere through the press, on-line resources, and a recruitment consultant if you are using one. This places you in a stronger position to act quickly when a role you are interested in becomes available. Be opportunistic.

Flexibility is also essential. You can do this without compromising your fundamental goals and dreams. For example, if your strategy is to upskill and seek a role offshore later this year or in 2011, commence your due diligence now. Although market activity has increased, conditions are not yet optimal, therefore allow for a longer lead in time.

Keeping an open mind is important, for example, regarding your desired location. If you have always wanted to relocate, say, to New York to gain international exposure, you should consider exploring opportunities in other key location(s) where the job market is stronger as there is a good chance that you may find what you are looking for elsewhere.

Following on from this, keep your resume up to date or if you do not already have one, draft one and have it ready for action. Guaranteed, this will make your life a whole lot easier, particularly as the market becomes busier and more opportunities become available. It remains a client-led market however which means that you will still be competing in a wider candidate pool therefore when a genuine opportunity of interest arises, time is of the essence. Bear in mind that a recruitment consultant can give you advice on resume drafting and your value in the market as well as how to position yourself in the strongest possible way.

Align or adjust your expectations with the expectations of the prevailing market. Maintain your focus and be realistic particularly in relation to salary packages and timing.

Do not resort to a scatter-gun approach as this will only harm you. Firms maintain an excellent record of each resume submitted to them, and once you have been rejected, this will be on your record and may influence your chances in re-applying down the track.

Finally, be patient and persevere. 

The Year of the Tiger has much in store for us and for those who take a leaf out of the Tiger’s book and approach the year ahead with great courage in their hearts and a strong spirit, 2010 will be an exciting and rewarding time for them.

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