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Embattled firm caught in sexual harassment case
Brisbane solicitor struck off roll:

Embattled firm caught in sexual harassment case

Two female lawyers are embroiled in a law firm sexual harassment case.

A law firm sexual harassment case is garnering attention not just because it's full of salacious details, but because both the plaintiff and the alleged harasser are both female lawyers. 

In the US-based suit, attorney and now plaintiff Jennifer Braude says that during the 18 months she spent as an associate at law firm Maron Marvel Bradley & Anderson, she endured a "hostile environment" thanks to the "sexually charged" conversations initiated by her direct supervisor, Meredith Sossman. 

The defendant in the case is the law firm, and Sossman herself, who is now an assistance vice president at Drexel University, has previously declined to comment. 

The attorneys representing the law firm, meanwhile, have advised the firm it would be inappropriate for it to comment since it involved the conduct of a lawyer no longer at the firm. 

Braude's lawyers at Console Law Offices say in the suit that Braude's sex "was a motivating and/or determinative factor" in the firm's "discriminatory and retaliatory treatment".

The "treatment" included creation of a hostile work environment, the firm's failure to pay Braude a bonus and in Braude's termination of employment.

In the suit, Braude claims that Sossman frequently injected sexual topics into the workday banter and consistently made comments about Braude's body and choice of clothing.

The suit claims that Sossman talked about her own sexual interests, including engaging in "foursomes" and kissing her best female friend, who Sossman allegedly described as looking similar to Braude.

Sossman also allegedly made Braude's sex life the subject of discussion, the suit says, allegedly telling Braude that she was "sexy" and "dirty hot." 

The case has now been assigned to the Chief US District Judge Gregory Sleet. Meanwhile, the firm itself has not filed a response to the suit. 

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