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News in Brief: BabyBarista and Law and order
Do lawyers have ‘agility anxiety’?:

News in Brief: BabyBarista and Law and order

BabyBarista no longer behind The Times; Law and Order out of step with the dance

News in brief

BabyBarista no longer behind The Times

The man who only recently came out with the shocking news that it was he who was the anonymous BabyBarisa column in the UK’s The Times, is now leaving the newspaper.

Tim Kevan, the columnist, is reacting to Rupert Murdoch’s new paywall around The Times and Sunday Times.

Kevan said: “I didn’t start this blog forit to be exclusive preserve of a limited few subscribers. I wrote it to entertain whosoever wishes to read it.”

The Geeklawyer blog, whose author said Kevan “stole” The Times job from him, said of Kevan’s decision that it is a “very principled stand”.

He added: “Tim has the luxury of not having to write for a living so his position may not be tenable for many so it doesn’t presage a flight of journalists from The Times. In the meantime, Rupert, I’m prepared to let bygones be bygones, text me?”

Law and order out of step with the dance

After 20 years, Law & Order, the pithy legal television drama, gave its last performance to US audiences.

The finale of Law & Order drew 7.6 million viewers last night, which is only about 500,000 viewers more than average.

Compared to other popular television shows, this finale paled. 24’s finale attracted 8.9 million viewers, for example. But what really drew the couch-sitting audiences was “Dancing with the stars”. The shows danced its final dance last week, but 19.1 million viewers watched them do it.

NBC, meanwhile, said that while it had cancelled the crime series after 20 seasons, it has hinted the show may go on. Producer Dick Wolf said: “The patient is not dead… It is in a medically induced coma and we are hoping for a cure.”

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