Pole dancing as a lunchtime activity in law firms…why not?

By Contessa Pizanias|16 August 2019

Dianne Yui – also known by her stage name, Astral Days – reveals why she stepped away from her legal career to teach pole dancing full time and to start a gym apparel business on this week’s episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, with host Jerome Doraisamy.

Dianne reveals why she left legal practice, the benefits of pole on her wellbeing, why she believes it can make someone a better lawyer and the stigma around pole dancing and some of the challenges she has faced.

She also shares why she recommends for those who are “pole curious” to just give it a go and why law firms should be looking at implementing pole as a lunchtime activity for staff.

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Pole dancing as a lunchtime activity in law firms…why not?
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