Why all lawyers need coaches

Research shows that nearly half of all US-based lawyers have executive or careers coaches. At a time of market turbulence and vocational uncertainty, it is time for Australian lawyers to do the same.

By Robyn Tongol 21 January 2022 Podcast
Why all lawyers need coaches
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On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Coaching Advocates, host Jerome Doraisamy welcomes former general counsel Claire Bibby and former law firm partner Lara Wentworth – both of whom left legal practice and helped co-found global lawyer coaching outfit, Coaching Advocates – to discuss the myriad environmental factors presenting professional challenges for lawyers of all stripes (including but not limited to the Great Resignation).

The trio unpack how these factors, and the broader issues presented by the age of coronavirus, offer opportunities to reflect, whether lawyers are or should be open to change, what we mean by professional coaching and why it is so important, why lawyers should be unafraid of seeking such external guidance and what they can glean from such relationships.

Ms Bibby and Ms Wentworth also detail how lawyer clients should be approached in accordance with their idiosyncratic needs, why it is incumbent upon lawyers to consider coaching as Australia looks towards a post-pandemic landscape, how and why Coaching Advocates can assist in that journey and the services they offer.

To learn more about Coaching Advocates, click here.

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