Protégé: Assuming a firm leadership role at 23

10 April 2022 By Robyn Tongol

Less than a year after he was admitted, award-nominated lawyer Jonathon Naef was presented with an opportunity to help create a new kind of family law practice. He grabbed that opportunity with both hands and is helping bring a new way of working to the fore, thereby changing perceptions of the utility of practising in traditional modes.

On this episode of The Protégé Podcast, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Balance Family Law co-founder Jonathon Naef to discuss how he met his mentor and director of Balance Family Law Perpetua Kish, the circumstances that led to the launch of the award-winning practice, the much-needed perspective that new practitioners can and do bring to the table, and why stepping up to help build a law firm was such a good challenge for him.

Mr Naef also reflects on the various issues and challenges he has faced and how he has overcome these, how to leverage one’s position as an emerging leader in law, the inextricable nexus between success and kindness as a practitioner, and how those coming through the ranks should put themselves out there to earn opportunities for growth.



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Protégé: Assuming a firm leadership role at 23
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