3 key professional development trends for 2023

 On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with LawCPD, host Jerome Doraisamy welcomes back LawCPD director and co-founder Sarah Mateljan to discuss the most pertinent trends that legal professionals will need to be across if they are to keep their heads above the parapet in what promises to be a turbulent, uncertain 12-month period.

By Robyn Tongol 07 February 2023 Podcast
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Ms Mateljan fleshes out why lawyers’ use of technology is shaping up to be such a significant trend in the coming year, including the myriad technological considerations for lawyers and why such duties must be seen as part and parcel of a lawyer’s obligations. She also talks about the need or otherwise to “master” hybrid work, the potential hurdles arising from mainstream, long-term flexible and remote working arrangements for legal teams and how best to navigate updated legislative frameworks, and addressing workplace safety in new-look workplace environments, and how best individuals can contribute to such supporting workplaces.

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