Why jobseekers should better prioritise wellness

On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Naiman Clarke, we explore the myriad impacts of a high-stress environment on lawyers and why prioritising one’s health and wellbeing when seeking a new role is not only necessary but also puts one in the best position to then satisfy their vocational and financial goals.

By Robyn Tongol 11 May 2023 Podcast
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Host Jerome Doraisamy welcomes back Naiman Clarke owner and managing director Elvira Naiman to discuss why mental health concerns remain such a pertinent factor in any conversation about legal recruitment, the current state of affairs for jobseekers and how they are prioritising wellness as a consideration when looking for new legal roles.

Ms Naiman also reflects on some of the new-age professional challenges and scenarios that lawyers are dealing with that both impact wellness and influence thinking about vocational pathways, how recruiters can and do look to navigate conversations about wellness with jobseekers in law, how best to perceive and navigate high-stress environments, how to present as the best possible candidate for a vacancy, and why health and wellbeing must be at the top of one’s priority list when looking for a new role in law.

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