The Corporate Counsel Show: Managing a cost-cutting environment

On this special episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, produced in partnership with LOD, we explore how law departments can successfully navigate cost-cutting in these economically uncertain times.

By Robyn Tongol 29 May 2023 Podcast
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Host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by LOD head of market insights Mark Dodd and senior legal counsel Helena Kolenbet to discuss what in-house legal teams are currently grappling with when it comes to cost-cutting, the impact of such fiscal constraints on those teams, how Australian law departments might be faring compared to overseas counterparts, and whether cost-cutting is at, or near, the top of in-house leader’s list of urgent priorities.

Mr Dodd and Ms Kolenbet also outline practical ways that law departments can thrive amid a cost-cutting environment, including ruthless prioritisation, eliminating waste, avoiding over-involvement so as to better manage given tasks, being pragmatic about what can be achieved, and boosting team morale, and how those in-house teams can and will benefit from implementation of such approaches.

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