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Protégé: Take control of your personal and financial future

In this episode of The Protégé Podcast, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by Morgan Collens, a paralegal at Nevile & Co Commercial Lawyers in Melbourne, to discuss what she has learnt about the need for the next generation of legal professionals to take control of their personal and financial futures, specifically by ensuring they have a will and testament in place.

user iconRobyn Tongol 31 July 2023 Podcast
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Ms Collens discovered her passion for wills and estates while working with lawyers. She emphasises the importance of considering wills and estates early in one’s career, particularly for the younger generation, including members of the queer community who may have unique challenges in estate planning.

She highlights the need to view oneself as a client and to list all assets, even small ones like bank accounts or share portfolios, to ensure a smoother transition for loved ones after one’s passing.

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