Dating apps and professional conduct implicationsFeb 14 2020

With the rapid evolution of social media and dating applications, workplace policy relating to employee conduct can become somewhat of a con

by Tasha Levy


Feb 11 2020Succeeding in-house without law firm experience

Senior manager of legal at Cognizant, Wayne Clarke didn’t originally plan for a career in the in-h...

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Feb 07 2020Is law losing its humanity?

Legal professionals face the constant ethical dilemma of trying to reconcile their compliance with t...

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Jan 30 2020How corporate law firms can better address wellness issues

According to Danielle Kelly, health and wellbeing strategies in the professional services sector nee...

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Jan 28 2020Taking action to make positive change

According to Elizabeth Espinosa, the only way to effectively improve your profession or your communi...

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The growing field of eSports lawJan 23 2020

The professionalisation of competitive video gaming known as eSports has generated a burgeoning area of legal activity that spans across mul...

by Tasha Levy

Finding new ways to undertake pro bono legal workJan 17 2020

The Australian Pro Bono Centre is the national peak body for pro bono legal services, encouraging and supporting lawyers across the country ...

by Tasha Levy

Forecasted issues for in-house lawyers in 2020Jan 14 2020

Senior in-house counsel Claire Bibby joins host Jerome Doraisamy on this episode of The Corporate Counsel Show to take a deep dive into the ...

by Tasha Levy

A growing network of e-discovery professionalsJan 10 2020

Now in its 10th year, Relativity Fest in Chicago has grown from just 100 attendees to 2,000, but its mission to educate and connect the e-di...

by Tasha Levy

Emerging trends in Australian legal techJan 02 2020

While the adoption of new technology has been an ongoing focal topic within the legal space over the last few years, many firms and in-house...

by Tasha Levy