Victims of the Redland Hospital Cancer scandal may not receive compensation despite assurancesJan 13 2020

Compensation for the patients embroiled in the Redland Hospital Cancer test scandal may not come, with Brisbane compensation lawyers warning abou

by Tony Zhang


Jan 12 2020Is a Climate Change Act on the cards?

As catastrophic bushfires continue to ravage the east coast of Australia, causing irreparable damage...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Jan 07 2020It is crucial for lawyers to examine Australia’s legal history

Lawyers must understand the law “not just as an abstract set of rules, but as a living thing”. D...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Jan 07 2020LCA, NSW associations pledge support for bushfire victims

The Law Council, Law Society of NSW and NSW Bar have all issued statements offering assistance and r...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Dec 18 2019LCA, medical experts team up to advocate for raising of age of criminal responsibility

The Law Council of Australia and Australian Medical Association have called on governments across Au...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Religious employees in law firms ‘should be circumspect’ about new billDec 17 2019

The revamped Religious Discrimination Bill and its provisions will not give employees of faith carte blanche in relation to religious expres...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Sydney Law School declares climate emergencyDec 11 2019

The board of one of Australia’s biggest law schools has voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency, saying that “legal academics h...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Repeal of medevac laws a ‘dark day’ say human rights lawyersDec 10 2019

The federal government has “stripped away a humane, transparent and doctor-led process for the refugees in its care”, which amounts to a...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Victoria, WA take action on family violenceDec 09 2019

The state governments of Victoria and Western Australia are moving to address the scourge of family violence in their jurisdictions, with th...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Group funding legislation for class actions will ‘improve access to justice’Dec 01 2019

The Victorian government has introduced legislation intending to make it easier to bring class actions for silicosis, wage theft and other f...

by Jerome Doraisamy