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Women barristers now receiving 30% of briefs
Big Law 10 March 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyWomen barristers now receiving 30% of briefs

A key target of the Law Council’s Equitable Briefing Policy has finally been reached, with more than three in 10...

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Corporate Counsel 28 September 2021 ByLauren CroftEquitable briefing must be better ‘embedded’ in-house

For in-house counsel to effectively utilise equitable briefing policies, organisations need to make it a part of their...

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Corporate Counsel 27 September 2021 ByLauren CroftWorking with in-house teams to improve rates of equitable briefing

Since the introduction of the Equitable Briefing Policy five years ago, the percentage of female barristers receiving...

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