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New Supreme Court, District Court judges appointed in NSW

NSW Attorney-General Michael Daley has elevated a District Court judge to the state’s Supreme Court and appointed a deputy senior Crown prosecutor to fill the District Court vacancy.

user iconJerome Doraisamy 29 November 2023 The Bar
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Judge Sarah Huggett has been appointed to the NSW Supreme Court, having “served with distinction” on the state’s District Court bench for 11 years.

Her Honour, the A-G’s Department said in a statement, joined the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in 1993, and she began practising at the NSW Bar and was appointed a Crown prosecutor in 2001.

Huggett J was sworn in as a District Court judge on 15 October 2012, serving as the court’s representative on the Consent Monitoring and Advisory Group Meeting and chair of the Child Sexual Offence Evidence Program Steering Committee. Her Honour was also one of the judges of the District Court’s Walama List.


A-G Daley said: “I am delighted to appoint Judge Sarah Huggett to the NSW Supreme Court, she will be a fine addition to that court.

“New South Wales is set to gain a new Supreme Court judge with great breadth and depth of experience in criminal law. Judge Huggett is well respected by both her peers and the community, and I congratulate her warmly on her new role.”

Elsewhere, deputy senior Crown prosecutor Miiko Kumar has been appointed to the NSW District Court, filling the vacancy left by Huggett J.

Ms Kumar was admitted in 1996 and has enjoyed a “lengthy and successful career” at the private Bar and in academia before rising to deputy senior Crown prosecutor for the Sydney West region, the A-G’s Department went on, and is active in policy and legal education and has served in positions including chair of the ODPP’s NSW First Nations mentoring committee and chair of the ODPP’s implementation committee for the Child Sexual Offence Evidence Program.

She has extensive experience in criminal law, having appeared in numerous complex trials and appeals as counsel in NSW, and has also appeared in the Federal Court and the High Court, as well as in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the NSW Coroners Court.

Mr Daley said: “Ms Kumar’s diverse professional experience will be a great asset to the NSW District Court.

“She has demonstrated excellent leadership throughout her career as a Crown prosecutor, in her private practice and in academia and will make an excellent judge of the District Court.”