Law Society of WA welcomes new judicial appointees

Law Society of WA welcomes new judicial appointees

06 February 2018 By Tom Lodewyke
New appointees

The Law Society has welcomed the appointments of three new members of the judiciary.

Last Thursday, 1 February, Western Australian Attorney-General John Quigley announced Wendy Gillan, Gail Sutherland and Leonie Forrest as the latest appointees to the state’s judiciary.


Ms Gillan is a judge in the District Court of WA, Ms Sutherland is a judge in the Family Court of WA and Ms Forrest is an acting magistrate in the Family Court of WA.

Ms Sutherland was formerly a magistrate and the principal registrar in the Family Court. Ms Forrest has been appointed to the role on an acting basis from 12 February to 1 October 2018.


Law Society president Hayley Cormann welcomed the three appointees and thanked the outgoing District Court judge Philip Eaton and Family Court justice John Walters.

On behalf of the legal profession of Western Australia, I warmly congratulate Wendy Gillan, Gail Sutherland and Leonie Forrest on their respective appointments,” she said.

“All of the appointees are vastly experienced and highly regarded within the legal profession.

These appointments also demonstrate that women are becoming more and more empowered in the legal profession and within our community. All of the data relevant to corporate Australia and the various professions and service industries demonstrates that the advancement of women leads to significantly improved outcomes for organisations, and in this case, will for our judicial system.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank His Honour Judge Eaton and the Honourable Justice Walters for their years of service to the District Court of Western Australia and Family Court of Western Australia respectively.”

Law Society of WA welcomes new judicial appointees
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