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Xakia launches legal matter management tool for small in-house teams

Xakia has launched a simple, powerful, and affordable legal matter management solution for small, in-house legal teams.

user iconJess Feyder 09 May 2023 Big Law
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Xakia, a female-founded and led company with operations in Melbourne and Kansas, USA, provides in-house legal matter management software.

Today (Tuesday, 9 May), it introduced its solution designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller in-house legal teams. 

The small team solution builds on its worldwide legal tech experience and provides an “out-of-the-box” matter management solution that can be set up in under an hour. 


Its function supports intake and triage, spend and budget management, resource planning, and analytics reporting.

Legal matter management and other legal tech solutions have proliferated in recent years, yet that growth has been unequal.

Although half of in-house legal teams are “small” (10 lawyers or fewer), they are 120 per cent less likely than larger organisations to have access to a legal matter management solution, 71 per cent less likely to have access to legal analytics software, and 56 per cent less likely to have access to spend management tools.

Kate Sherburn, legal beagle from Who Gives a Crap, concurred: “Small legal teams still work on big legal issues, but often without the resources and support that are available to bigger teams.”

Xakia founder and group chief executive Jodie Baker commented: “Historically, there haven’t been legal technology options supporting smaller in-house legal teams.”

“Between high upfront costs and the extensive customisation and ongoing management required, many organisations couldn’t take advantage of the latest wave of legal technology.”

“I’m very proud that now even the smallest teams can take advantage of the same efficiency, visibility, and cost savings that Xakia enables for our thousands of users worldwide, without heavy overheads,” stated Ms Baker. 

In-house legal teams of any size are able to trial Xakia, cost-free for 14 days.

Xakia includes a full suite of legal matter management capabilities, including document creation, intake  and triage, spend management workflows, centralised and searchable records for resource planning, data analytics to prove the value delivered by the legal team, and more. 

Xakia also aims to make legal matter management software affordable, Xakia said in a statement.

Teams anywhere in the world can use Xakia for a cost of $80 per user, per month — a fraction of the cost of traditional matter management solutions.

Smaller in-house teams often found themselves forced to rely on complex systems of spreadsheets and filing processes — Xakia has levelled the playing field, they said in a statement.

Chuck Kable, chief legal officer at Axiom Medical, commented: “Using Xakia’s streamlined intake process and internal client portal have been so much more efficient for me.”

“I can see what the business needs, what their deadlines are, and I have a place to store all relevant information, including emails, documents and even conversations about strategy.”

“It provides transparency and visibility into where I am relative to a deadline on a given matter,” noted Mr Kable. 

“If the sales team wants to know if I’ve looked at a contract yet, they don’t need to send multiple emails and messages; they can log into the Xakia portal for visibility, or provide me (general counsel) with real-time updates to information or feedback on a matter.”

Elsewhere, Upper Hutt City Council general counsel Guy Smith noted: “For a small legal department, Xakia is excellent.”

“I didn’t want a legal platform that would be like climbing Mt Everest. I wanted a matter management platform with a light footprint, that was simple to use and easy to implement," he said.

"Xakia made it extremely easy. We were up and running quickly and without investing much time or money.”