A better future for lawyers is comingMay 29 2020

COVID-19 has triggered a dramatic transformation of traditional professional industry practices, but according to Plexus associate commercia

by Tasha Levy


May 28 2020Parents, the pandemic and a lack of gender parity

The global coronavirus pandemic may be exposing the difference in treatment of practising mothers an...

by Jerome Doraisamy

May 28 2020Aerospace, COVID-19 and mounting challenges for lawyers

The legal tasks for professionals in the aviation space keep piling up, say two senior lawyers from ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

May 28 2020Media freedom an ongoing vulnerability, legal bodies say

Australia’s legal bodies have applauded the decision by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to not...

by Tony Zhang

May 28 2020NSW Bar renews calls for Walama Court

Following the release of new research into the effectiveness of circle sentencing in NSW Local Court...

by Naomi Neilson

Legal bodies call for anti-vilification law reformMay 28 2020

Major legal aid bodies have called for Victoria’s anti-vilification laws to be broadened and modernised to strengthen the protections for ...

by Naomi Neilson

Criminal justice system revamped with disability resourceMay 28 2020

The criminal justice system has been transformed with a new resource designed to assist people with a disability to navigate and be treated ...

by Naomi Neilson

Boutique firms critical to success of Australian economyMay 28 2020

If Australia is to get back on track in a post-pandemic world, SMEs such as boutique law firms will need to flourish. ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

How have boutiques fared on cyber security during COVID-19?May 28 2020

Post-pandemic, boutique law firms should consider full reviews of their technology and processes to ensure proper protection for clients and...

by Jerome Doraisamy

How to grow and retain clients during a pandemicMay 28 2020

Now is a critical time to ensure your messaging is highly optimised to encourage clients through the door, writes Sabri Suby. ...

by Jerome Doraisamy