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CPD deadline: 3 tips for busy lawyers

Are you short on CPD points? You aren’t alone: many lawyers fall into the trap of pushing CPD to the bottom of their priority list. But, with limited time before the deadline, the pressure is high to get on top of your CPD.

user iconLawyers Weekly 23 March 2023 Careers
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Here are three tips to ensure you meet your CPD requirements on time from LawCPD co-founder Sarah Mateljan, who spoke with Lawyers Weekly ahead of the deadline.

Tip 1: Check the rules

Start with a quick compliance check against your local CPD rules. How many points have you earned this year? Do you still need to earn points in any of the core competency areas: ethics, professional skills, practice management, and substantive law?

“Lawyers often find it easy to earn lots of points in substantive law, but harder to find suitable CPD activities that cover all the other core competency areas. That’s why it’s important to find CPD options that cover all of these requirements,” Ms Mateljan noted.


If you still need to cover all of your core areas, LawCPD’s best-selling One-Click CPD Compliance Packs contain a selection of premium online courses tailored to suit different practice areas that cover all core competencies.

Alternatively, if you only need one or two points, you can choose from a wide range of self-paced interactive courses from LawCPD’s fully updated online catalogue.

Tip 2: Choose CPD that matters to you

Make the most of your CPD by choosing options that will help you advance your career goals, develop key skills, or stay up to date with recent changes.

“You have 10 hours set aside for CPD every year, so make every hour count,” said Ms Mateljan.

“There’s been an unprecedented rate of legislative change in the past six months, and more coming in the year ahead. Leveraging your CPD hours to keep ahead of these developments, or progress your own career goals, makes the most of this learning opportunity”.

LawCPD has fully updated its online course catalogue to help lawyers confidently keep up with developments in workplace safety, unfair contract terms, cyber security, and corporate governance.

Tip 3: Choose a format that suits you

When you have limited time, it’s important to choose a learning format that fits into your schedule and ensures you meet your requirements before the CPD deadline. Online learning can be a great option to maximise your learning outcomes and make sure you earn your final CPD points in time.

“Lawyers often tell us they find it hard to be available at a particular time for a webinar or take time out of the office to go to a seminar,” Ms Mateljan noted.

“That’s why we make sure all of our courses are available on demand, so lawyers can log in and learn from leading legal experts at their own pace.”

Do you need to get your compliance sorted out? With over 100 hours of interactive legal CPD courses, is your one-stop shop to get CPD compliant before the 31 March deadline.