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‘Lawyers today understand what constitutes effective and valuable learning’: Q&A with LawCPD

Amid a rapidly changing professional services marketplace, lawyers face “mounting pressure to stay current” and thus must be more discerning about what is required of them. Here, in conversation with Lawyers Weekly, LawCPD co-founder and director Sarah Mateljan unpacks the evolving education landscape and what “pioneering” online platform LawCPD is doing to support.

user iconLawyers Weekly 29 February 2024 Careers
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For those who don’t know – who is LawCPD, and what is its place in the market?

LawCPD is a pioneering online platform dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible legal education for Australian lawyers. Our mission is to empower legal professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their careers. We distinguish ourselves in the market by offering flexible, interactive, and up-to-date courses designed to meet the evolving needs of the legal profession.

What is LawCPD’s perception of the legal education market at present and the headline trends that will impact legal professionals in the near future?


Following the online training boom during COVID-19, the legal education space is now experiencing a phase of consolidation, with a noticeable shift towards high-quality training. Lawyers today are more discerning about the quality of online education and understanding what constitutes effective and valuable learning. In this environment, there’s a growing demand for innovative approaches to on-demand training. New technologies, particularly generative AI, are reshaping how legal education is delivered. LawCPD has proudly led this transformation by being the first CPD provider to fully integrate an AI-powered learning tool into our interactive offerings, setting a new standard for engaging and practical legal education.

What does LawCPD see as being the biggest challenges to lawyers’ education and professional development this year?

The accelerating pace of change within and without the profession means there is mounting pressure on lawyers to stay current. For 2024, the most pressing challenges we see are keeping up with the fast pace of legislative change, evolving client requirements for service delivery, and the impact of technology on legal practice and professional obligations. Lawyers who remain open-minded and adaptable will be best placed to leverage the opportunities presented by these ongoing shifts. Choosing CPD courses or programs incorporating these areas will enable lawyers to get the most out of their annual professional development requirements and navigate 2024 successfully.

Conversely, what are the major opportunities to be grasped pertaining to legal education and professional development, and how can providers like LawCPD take advantage?

For an innovative company like ours, the ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality educational content in the most accessible and enjoyable learning formats. We are always looking for new ways to leverage technological advancement to enhance lawyers’ learning experiences by creating interactive, on-demand courses that cater to their specific needs. As the legal profession continues to evolve, it is our role as a leading education provider to identify and address areas and topics lawyers want and need to learn about to thrive.

We regularly seek feedback and consult with lawyers to ensure our course catalogue includes the latest practical, theoretical, and trend-focused content that meets the profession’s needs. Providing relevant and timely topics is central to our mission, ensuring lawyers have the knowledge they need to excel.

Why should legal practitioners use LawCPD at this point in time, and moving forward?

Lawyers know that choosing LawCPD enables them to efficiently stay informed, comply with their CPD requirements, and gain a competitive edge in their careers. Our platform offers the widest range of interactive, on-demand content for Australian lawyers. Every course is taught by industry experts and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This flexibility and quality make LawCPD an invaluable resource for today’s legal professionals.

What are LawCPD’s goals for 2024, and how will these be achieved?

LawCPD has been providing quality online training for over 15 years, and we have built our reputation on an uncompromising focus on quality and innovation. Our goal for 2024 is to keep true to our core mission while leveraging current technological developments to continuously improve our training. We also have exciting new programs and CPD options planned for 2024, and we are looking forward to sharing more about these with the Lawyers Weekly readership soon.